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Key Elements Of Website Redesign You Just Can’t Ignore
17 April 2015

Key Elements Of Website Redesign You Just Can’t Ignore

If you are thinking of redesigning your website & make it more dynamic, responsive & effective in order to showcase your company well, refresh its online image & enhance sales then the responsibility to deliver the same to your customers on an ongoing basis is the key challenge for an enterprise & the responsibility to deliver the same higher than you might actually think.

You may probably rely heavily on redesigning, but at times that may not always be the right way in every situation which could lead to neglecting or not considering some important points involving the nitty-gritties of redesigning aspects. Here is a quick guide in website redesigning process & the points that are to be kept in mind for the same.

1 - Create An Alluring & Responsive Design

A website has to be redesigned in such a manner that customers get enticed & engaged soon & make enquiries quickly for the products & services. So, a responsive web design is something that has to be designed with this concept in mind. Developers have to devise techniques that make websites display optimally the products & services of the company on all devices with refreshed look & feel as consumers no longer want poor web experience. Dotnetnuke Skin Designing helps developers do that quite effectively. Migration from traditional site to new site could be interesting and at the same time challenging in this aspect to be true.

2 – Create Persuasive & Compelling Web Content

The obstacle of creating optimized, useful, persuasive & compelling content as per the user's tastes & preferences is a hindrance for many content writers around the world. & web designing goes for a full-toss due to lack of quality content. Poor content=poor customer conversion rates. If an organization doesn't have quality content writers/editors it can consider outsourcing the same to a good agency which has these capabilities. They could take the raw content from you & create persuasive & compelling content for you at a fee.

3 – Offer A Great User Experience (UX)

User Experience is something how the designer plays with different colors in order to deliver the best color combination suited for the websites keeping in mind the likes & dislikes of the consumer.  He focuses on impressing the consumer quickly & tries to engage him as much as possible on the website which can lead to lead generation. UX helps in creating a great image in the world wide web & allows the organization to showcase their products & services in the best possible manner & derive value from it. Thus, a great UX is a mandatory criterion to fulfill the creative ambitions of the consumers in a dynamic & changing marketplace with varied consumer needs.

4 – Have A SEO Strategy

If your web content in not properly optimized & doesn't offer relevant search results for the ens-user then very purpose of website redesign will go for a full-toss. Today, most of the companies rely quite heavily on SEO experts to gather genuine leads & marketing strategies revolve just around it. SEO today has become the backbone for any organization today & keywords research, google analytics, ad words, sitemap submissions, SEO copywriting & integrations are truly important in order to become a successful organization.

5 – Setup A Lead Tracking Mechanism

Website owners must know where their leads are coming from so that it helps them devise marketing strategies as per that. If the company doesn't have the requisite data, it will have no idea about the number of visitors visiting the site & will be clueless about the marketing strategy to be applied in the future. Your website must be able to track customer information & must tap every single lead from its source & setup a system to do that on a continuous basis & in a sustained manner to be successful in the future.

6 – Have Great Programming Expertise

Once the website is done, prepared & codes written then there comes the expertise of the programmers to make the site live after testing the same in the test environment. In some of the cases, the expertise level could be quite niche especially in eCommerce & ERP integration which is a complex subject & has to be tackled with caution as it has the capacity to impact sales to a larger extent if done wrongly. If the expertise is not available in-house then freelancers are available who could assist you in the same.

7 – Gain Project Management Expertise

Loose project management skills could result in making your website perform poorly & loose interest amongst users in the web world. Websites have to be managed through a well documented contents & should involve workflows to make the project sustainable. Project execution is key in building efficiency around the website & avoid stress on the project.

With all the above tips & points in mind, developers would be able to attain expertise in offering great re-designing services to their clients across the globe & Dotnetnuke Skin Designing could be quite an effective tool in helping them do that to their clients. This is a sure shot way to attain a win-win situation for clients & enterprises & at the same offer great services to them!


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