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Steps Involved In DotNetNuke (DNN) Custom Development Process
01 April 2015

Steps Involved In DotNetNuke (DNN) Custom Development Process

So, Whats DNN?

DNN is one of the leader in offering open source content management solutions for enterprises & businesses globally. It is the most renowned content management system developed by Microsoft (Microsoft.NET) till date.This solution helps businesses structure & power content rich websites & boosts its online popularity. It offers cross-device compatibility for the DNN compatible websites.

DNN was first started in 2002 & since then it has been an open source platform for developers around the world. Today, its the largest & most popular CMS platform devised in the Microsoft environment & can support over 2500 business applications with around 3400 customers worldwide. Its popularity has resulted in developers designing over 950,000 websites on DNN platforms around the world till now.

DotNetNuke (DNN) applies the three-tier structure with basic framework offering support to basic modules devised by DNN. DNN uses third party integrators & extensions by continuously adding newer features to its modules. It offers a lot of features to change the look & feel of the DNN designed websites through DNN skins.

DNN is primarily written in VB.NET even though the developers have shifted to C# since DNN v.6.0 was introduced. DNN licences are distributed worldwide under the 'Community Edition MIT' & 'Commercial Proprietary' licences & they offer professional (Evoq content) & enterprise (Evoq Content Enterprise) editions in developing DNN sites to the partners & developers around the world.

From the technical angle, DNN v.7.0 runs on MS Windows Server 2008 & above versions. It also needs MS IIS v.7.0 & above with requisite SQL DB versions for content delivery services.

So, what steps & processes are followed in successful DotNetNuke (DNN) Custom Development? It happens through a 3 prolonged process – DNN Module Development -->DNN Skins Development -->DNN Website Development.

1 - DNN Module Development happens when developers are given the requisite permissions for managing securities, user administrations, content management systems & others. DNN follows the best practices guide in the all the modules DNN develops & offers developers a great platform for customizing the web's structure as they wish & as per the tastes & preferences of the customer. DNN has the expertise which can offer generic modules as well as specialized modules which best fit for any kind of enterprise & individual website design.

2 -  DNN Skins Development happens when developers are given permissions to customize the look & feel of the DNN powered website. DNN offers a host of free & paid themes and they can use it as per their suitability & tastes & preferences of the customer. Developers can use or re-use the same themes & give the same look & feel for developing other websites.  DNN skins comprise of HTML files with placeholders for content, menus & other features. It has support files like images, style sheets & JavaScript & comes in the ZIP folder for the developer to customize the site. DNN skins allow the developer to speculate & play with the look & feel & offer the best user experience to the customer as they wish. Finally, DNN skins are cross-browser compatible & using them makes websites truly responsive & dynamic in nature.

3 - DNN Website Development happens when developers are allowed minimal coding for designing great web superstructures! And DNN does just that & that's the main reason why DNN is renowned worldwide for this very sole reason. DNN gives the freedom to choose the level of involvement while writing codes & designing websites to the developer. This is indeed the last stage of web development process through which the  DotNetNuke (DNN) Custom Development happens. It's clean & its bundled with modules & skin development to deliver great web performance, speed & agility for websites. It's a great combination of artwork & technology which has the capability to offer persuasive, dynamic, responsive & interactive websites for its clients & customers around the world.

DNN Extension is a leader in offering great DotNetNuke (DNN) Custom Development services for its clients & customers around the world which primarily focuses on delivering maximum user experience with optimum customer satisfaction. It believes in delivering quality services in a time bound manner for its services to clients around the world.


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