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DotNetNuke Development Strategies For The Entrepreneurially Challenged
27 March 2015

DotNetNuke Development Strategies For The Entrepreneurially Challenged

Dotnetnuke Web Development & Dotnetnuke Ecommerce Development are two such topics which have now become a hot topic for discussion amongst the developer community across the world. Developers are now in the process of devising innovative & lucrative ways to structure websites in a way in which site owners gain complete control over their websites which could foster entrepreneurial spirit & offering a win-win situation to enterprises & clients globally.

So, if you are thinking of considering to implement DNN for your website, then you need to know the benefits of the same so that it helps you design the right strategies for your business. You can probably do a cost-benefit analysis for the DNN versions available over other products in the market. There are easy processes whereby it could happen as follows: -

1 - Be Simple

Try to keep the content easy to understand & simple to edit! A robust CMS needs to foster content editing & easy management & DNN does just that! Whether you are in a content team or a writer or a editor, DNN offers rich environment whereby content gets reflected on the website just instantly in an hassle free manner. But, for larger teams, a content process can be put into place for setting up permissions & getting requisite content approvals for the contents edited.

2 - Keep Advanced Features

DNN helps in designing the most advanced web structures. Be it third party integrators or out of the box modules, its just designed to fit businesses of all sizes & complexities. Some of the great features include – user controls, ads management, e-mail marketing, document handling, localization, blogs handling & many more & assists the IT & marketing infrastructures in an organization wonderfully. 

3 - Have An Unmatched Security

The DNN security features are tough for any hacker to invade & offers a safe web content management system for developers globally. There are permissions at every level. Groups are formed to tighten securities in accessing critical organizational data & information. The security model in DNN is such that the security features are already built-in the application system which is quite different from other CMS's available in the market.

4 - Be Flexible

DNN is built on ASP.NET framework which offers great customization features for various modules. Its very easy to integrate with business applications thus making the entire architecture a very flexible one. Developers need to just understand the tastes & preferences of the clients & design websites as per just that.

5 - Maintain Website Speed

DNN's codes are efficient which could make websites run faster & quicker! It has the capability to offer a great user experience (UX) which in turn can boost your site performance multi-fold & at the same time create great web traffic to your website.

6 - Base It In Your Portals

DNN helps your business to run multiple sites with just one installation! This could be useful if you require an intranet as well as your website or 'n' number of portals for individual departments. So, whatever you do base it all in the portals!

7 - Have A Great Application Or Intranet

Because of its flexibility in having efficient code & architecture, it thus gives a great foundation for devising great application & an intranet system. It offers awesome hosting services for developers who wish to manage various IT assets on just one platform & DNN does just that!

8 - Be Well Supported

DNN offers great tech support. All the incidents are managed through a single ticketing system thus addressing issues in an efficient & effective manner. In addition to that, DNN is an open-source application, hence partners & developers around the world can support by providing codes which can make the application better & sustainable in the future. This makes DNN an easy choice for developers in offering wonderful Dotnetnuke Web Development & Dotnetnuke Ecommerce Development services to clientele across the world.

9 - Reduced Cost

Since DNN is an open source application, its cost-effective solution in designing awesome web structures as compared to other solutions available in the market. Customized solutions are the ones which offer the lowest cost structures to enterprises across the world. 

10 - Proven & Established Web Architecture

DNN is being used by over 800,000 websites & their client list includes big names like NASA, Verizon, Whirlpool, Motorola & Daimler Chrysler to name a few. This makes DNN a well accepted & proven web application provider in the IT industry.

With all the above benefits in mind, DNN site owners can design entrepreneurial strategies & offer great services to their clients just anywhere anytime with ease & simplicity across the world!


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