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Feature Rich DNN Evoq Suite To Aid Marketing Efforts For Businesses
20 October 2014

Feature Rich DNN Evoq Suite To Aid Marketing Efforts For Businesses


Your website is the soul of all your marketing efforts. All marketing directly relates to the content and features on your website. DNN development offers you with an entire suite that can help boost your market reach. The Evoq suite is a perfect DNN solution for your business and you can leverage from the content, digital assets and brand communities from a single point. It has all the right features to attract and engage customers as well as manage web content effectively in order to grow your business.

Benefits For Marketing include:

Positive Impact on Conversions and Revenues

With DNN Evoq suite, you can get better insights into your visitor preferences, and their activities on your website, what interests them and what does not and purchase trends. This can greatly help in cross selling and upselling. The success of this type of up selling and cross selling depends on the homework you have done to analyze customer behavior and requirements from your business. You can effectively use customer reviews and recommendations and improve conversions.

Search Engine Relevance Improved

Community features for DNN are keyword rich and are vital for SEO to elevate the rankings and rise to the top. DNN evoq has all the essential features to configure settings for an SEO friendly website. Major search engines will easily be able to find and rank your site at the top!

Web Experience Boosted

Visitors to your website will convert only if their experience browsing your site was excellent. With the feature rich DNN Evoq, you can captivate your audience and keep them engaged with your website and ease your conversions. Community and social features will help you keep them engaged and interact more with your website.

Content Repurpose

Case Studies, blog posts and knowledgebase articles – all can be easily made available with DotNetNuke and you can create excellent brand experiences for your customers. Content generated for branding can be effectively used.

Compelling Features to Aid Marketing Include:

    1. Mobile Support – Responsive designs of DNN sites can definitely help your business provide mobile optimized experiences to your customers that browse using a wide range of mobile devices with varying sizes and form factors.
    2. Web Analytics Integration – Google Analytics can be added to your website and you can analyze your website performance for keywords, content and lots more.
    3. SEO – Advanced SEO tools enable you to optimize your website and rank higher in search engine results. URL management, page redirects and error handing etc. can greatly help all your SEO efforts.
    4. Tools to Measure Performance – Intelligent module and page caching capabilities can ensure site performance this will eliminate slow page loads and reduce bounce rates, abandoned carts and help boost search rankings.
    5. Integration With Social Media – Expand your reach with seamless integration with social media and improve your web presence like never before.
    6. Online Community Platform – You can add a branded community to your site to improve organic search rankings by increasing customer engagement with your site.

To sum it up, DNN Development today is highly evolved as DNN solutions get more and more modern and business friendly. 


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