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Should your business upgrade to DNN Evoq Content or DNN Evoq Content Enterprise?
27 October 2014

Should your business upgrade to DNN Evoq Content or DNN Evoq Content Enterprise?


DNN (DotNetNuke) that is built on the Microsoft .NET platform, is distributed in three different versions – Community Edition that is under the MIT license and two other versions under the commercial proprietary licenses – the Professional and the Enterprise Editions.

Available Options

The Community Edition of DNN is an open source content management system that allows businesses to manage the content on their websites without any technical knowledge. This platform is extensible through extensions or modules or DNN Custom Module Development. These custom modules provide extended functionalities that are not included in the core installation. Skins add to the look and feel of the website.

The two commercial versions of the DNN software have advanced functionalities than the community edition and the DotNetNuke Professional Edition was renamed as Evoq Content and the DotNetNuke Enterprise Edition was renamed Evoq Content: Enterprise in July 2013.

Should Your Business Upgrade?

DNN Evoq Enterprise, for a one year subscription will cost you a little more than $8000 complete with additional modules and extensions. The DNN Professional edition will run upto $2999. This also essentially will depend upon the training, hardware configuration and the support. It also includes the servers required for hosting and staging, Failover and support for Azure Cloud.

Features Insights

Core installation of DNN – both enterprise and Professional is feature packed. Well, DNN is a highly extensible platform. Features can be added and functionality can be included as per business requirements at any stage. DNN modules development by third party developers and DNN development companies is becoming very popular these days. You can pick a module and install it on the go and add all the required features – hassle free.

Some of the other benefits include advanced features for granular permissions, file integrity checking, web server farm support, health monitoring UI customization, page and module caching etc.

Support is advanced too with extended aid for configuration consultation, installation support, unlimited support via phone or online.

To Sum It Up…

Depending on your requirements for features and support, you can select the version that will be best suited for your business. If you are a small business looking for core features and functionalities, the community edition should suffice. It does not require any additional costs and licenses. But if you are a large scale business or a large enterprise considering DNN for your web requirements, selecting the Enterprise or the Professional edition will give you better options and support from DNN that you may require.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you have the latest version installed and select the right modules that will help add the right functionalities to build a perfect web solution for your business.

Upgrading to the latest version always ensures that your website is free from all the bugs and vulnerabilities that the previous versions had.

Looking for expert advice or DNN Consultation? We can help! Contact us if you need any help in deciding what DNN version is right for your business!


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