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Why Should Businesses Choose DNN Evoq Social?
30 October 2014

Why Should Businesses Choose DNN Evoq Social?


DNN Evoq Social is a product within the DNN Evoq business suite of applications. It is an online community solution especially built for businesses who wish to enhance their social presence by opening up a channel to better interact with their customers and attract new ones. DNN Development and customization can effectively tailor this solution to suit the social needs of businesses and generate meaningful discussions between brand advocates and those who are unaware of the brand products. Well, it provides ample opportunities to share ideas, and gain insights on customers and their view or perception of your product ultimately turning into customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As compared to other collaboration and social web solutions, DNN Evoq social is easy to setup and affordable too. With social solutions, brands can greatly build trust in the products and build buyer confidence. All this ultimately helps your business grow.

DNN Social Evoq has ample offerings for businesses:

Responsive Design

DNN Evoq Social comes with responsive features out of the box. This renders the website accurately on all the different form factors of mobile devices. Whether you use a desktop or a laptop or any other mobile device, your social solution will display properly.

CMS Integration

The DNN social solution also seamlessly integrates with the CMS (Content Management System) solution to provide businesses with a complete package for their web requirements.


DNN offers thousands of external modules that can be integrated into the core installation and features can be added as per business requirements. DNN skins can also be changed and added as required. DNN offers boundless options for extensibility and allows DNN Custom Development to include third party DNN modules as well.


To encourage customer loyalty and interactions, gamification is used to make top interacting customers feel special. Reward points system or badges can be earned for “winning” at some fun game on your website.


Enabling customers to have a say about their experiences with the products can greatly help businesses improve their product offerings. Action taken on constructive feedback drives innovation in the product and improves customer satisfaction too.

Data Analytics

Businesses can monitor trending topics of discussion and effectively track the success of their business on the social front.

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers can increase customer interactions with brand advocates and greatly improve the confidence of potential customers, hence increasing conversions.

User Profiles

Users can create personal profiles and add friends and groups to follow. DNN Evoq also enables an activity feed and messaging option for users.

Blog Authoring

Users can add content and blogs. Users can also comment on the blogs without having to register.

Activity Streams

Users can post status updates, photos and videos etc. These will all be seen under their activity stream. These activity streams can be read by other users too.


New groups can be created by members to attract new members and invite them to participate in the group activities.

Overall, DNN offers ample opportunities for businesses to go social, reach out, spread the word and grow!


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