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One more reason to upgrade to the DNN Evoq 7
07 October 2014

One more reason to upgrade to the DNN Evoq 7


The most promising reason to upgrade to the DNN Evoq 7 is cloud compatibility. There are many ways to implement cloud. Basically cloud content is that you don’t have to host on your own servers. You can avail cloud services and not worry about data centers and servers for your website. DNN cloud will do all the configuration for you.

 Centralize Site Administration

Hosting your website on the cloud means that you get the advantage of centralized administration. Cloud Services also ensure that all you website connections are handled effectively with the resources used on the cloud and your website faces minimum downtime. This greatly increases the availability of your website and hence improving customer experiences.

 Easy To Install and Configure

Your DNN installation can be easily configured and maintained on the cloud. It gives you an all in one content management system (CMS) and hosting solution. You need not have to worry about compatibility and configuration settings. You can concentrate on your website building and features and leave the infrastructure to the DNN cloud.

 Planning for Scalability

The only thing you require to do is plan for the infrastructure in terms of scalability. Make sure the hosting plan you select has sufficient bandwidth to and speed that will be sufficient for the amount of traffic your website receives and the projected traffic as your business grows. Ensure that you have servers near your expanding userbase. That’s exactly why DNN Cloud could be your best option. Expanding the geographic profile for your business could be made easy by selecting a cloud hosting service.


The infrastructure maintenance is done by DNN for the DNN cloud. This takes of one more major chunk of responsibility on your part. The backend of your website will be in good hands. Maintenance will be done by infrastructure experts. You can concentrate on your website and business expansion then. Scheduling a full backup of your website and it’s content could be very easy with all information stored on cloud. Any changes you make in the development environment could be easily tested.

Overall, you save a significant amount of time and money by selecting to host your DNN website on the DNN cloud. You can leave the infrastructure technology and expense to the experts and you can work on business matters that require your attention.

Cloud hosting has become very popular these days due to the convenience, security and cost benefits it provides. If you are planning a new project or already have a DNN powered website, upgrading to the latest version of DNN that has cloud compatibility could be a great way to improve and grow your business!


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