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Some more about the All New DNN Evoq 7 – and Reasons To Upgrade Soon
03 October 2014

Some more about the All New DNN Evoq 7 – and Reasons To Upgrade Soon


In the last post, we saw a few reasons to upgrade to the all new DNN Evoq 7, here let’s check out a few more new features and advanced functionalities that DNN Evoq 7 can provide businesses with. DNN development experts and companies are already excited to explore the new features available for them to work with. This will definitely help bring value to businesses.

Design aspects for front end 

DNN Evoq 7 provides more tools and more advanced tools for web designers to create smashing websites. HTML 5 support enables web designers to bring all the advanced functionalities to the front end of the website. This is vital as the front end of the website decides for most of the times whether a visitor is converted to a customer or no. DIV based layouts are added to this latest version and it clearly phases out the table layout. DIV layouts are known to offer designers with greater control over the various aspects of the site’s layout. Well, other than these, responsiveness is now possible with the new DNN Evoq 7 designs.

Data access methodologies

To enhance control over the many data layers that make up the framework of your site, PetaPcoo's micro ORM has been integrated into the DNN Evoq 7. This mainly focuses on making the website easy to use and greatly simplifies the navigation. Granular access to the internal modules increases the over all extensibility of this system. Data access methodologies are hence improved with new capabilities in DNN Evoq 7.

Features for content management

DNN or DotNetNuke was basically designed to be the best CMS (Content Management System). This already impressive and robust CMS has added features with the new DNN Evoq7. It has the new Page Picker so that you can re use the page layouts across your site and there is no need to change the content of the web page manually. Auto save feature is also available that enables minimum loss of data. Another stunning feature is the cross site module sharing that is extremely useful while transferring modules from one site to another. There is no need to manually reconfigure them.

New ways for administration

Administration functionalities for Dnn Evoq 7 are highly advanced and extensively improved from all the previous versions. One of the best features is bulk page management – this is very useful when large scale manipulation of pages is required. It also includes a module creator, that makes it easy for DNN developers to create modules. Even beginners find it very easy to create a module in a short period of time. There is a significant advancement in the SQL module that now allows the super administrator to securely upload files to the SQL management panel. The code editor from Code Mirror has also been added that makes editing the code easy.

Other than these features, DNN has added a “Getting Started” option and an option for Learning videos for those who wish to read, learn and understand more about DotNetNuke


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