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DNN Development - What Not To Do
29 September 2014

DNN Development - What Not To Do


DNN development is very popular today and DNN powers millions of websites on the web. There are many DNN modules development companies that provide ready to use DNN modules that businesses can install on the fly and add new innovative features to their websites. These extensions help create a great user experience. Businesses can take advantage of these extensions and also have custom DNN modules created as per their requirements.

Well, as for developers are concerned, it is best that they follow DNN development best practices in order to maintain standardization of code from all software providers. Well, as it is important to remember what are the good practices, it’s equally important to remember “What Not To Do”.

Here is a short list of what not to do for DNN modules development:

Inline Style Attributes

For DNN development, avoid using inline style attributes in your modules static and dynamic HTML markup. You can instead create style definitions in the module.css file that will in turn target your module’s markup. The best practice is to keep your markup as clean as possible and use CSS selectors for styling as far as possible. As for the skin’s font definitions, do not try to change them unless absolutely necessary.

Unfiltered User Input

Do not assume that user input is safe and does not require filtering before processing. This assumption will make your DNN system insecure and vulnerable to attacks. The good news is that DotNetNuke has built in features for this and it is very easy to use filtering strings.

Hard Coded Text

User interface text should not be hard coded in the HTML of the site. This will prevent localization and customization.

Update Panel

It is advisable to use the ASP.NET or JQuery on the client side to make requests to an HTTPHandler or to a web service in order to obtain information for the user interface in the JSON or XML format.

Non-Semantic Markup

A DNN Developer should make an effort to produce semantic markup for the website. Find opportunities to create a CSS for some part of the HTML code in order to improve site performance and rendering.

Custom Settings

Avoid using non standard user interface for managing modules and settings for DNN. It has a standard interface for managing module settings.

No Script Tokens

Ensure that you use the SQL best practices for your SQL scripts. Do not use dbo instead of {objectQualifier} and {databaseOwner}. IF not, it cannot be used in shared database scenarios.

DNN has great opportunities for creating refreshing new features and adding excellent DNN extensions for your website. DNN extensions and modules development, however require quite some skills for development. Following best practices and standardization enables website owners to integrate third party DNN modules and extensions seamlessly to add functionality to their website. 



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