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05 September 2014

DNN – the most apt platform for growing businesses

DotNetNuke is a powerful platform. It is highly suitable for businesses that demand a lot of flexibility from their web solutions. Getting the right kind of features for implementing your web solutions requires a system that can provide ample options to choose from. DotNetNuke has the flexibility to provide you with the features you desire for your business. The main elements that make DNN so appealing and customizable are Skins and Modules.

DNN Skins – off the shelf OR Custom Designs

DNN Skins design helps you to create the look and feel of your brand. This look and feel can be changed as and when required without affecting or altering any other content on your website. The design can be prepared and implemented concurrently thus reducing the time to market.

Skins are available for purchase off the shelf. The pricing is good too. Well, if you want something specifically tailored to suit your business, you can get custom skins designed. This ensures uniqueness of your website frontend.

DNN Modules Development

Modules are functional building blogs of DNN. Several modules together make up your website. DNN Modules are available off the shelf too. You can download, install and get the functionalities that you want. If you have something that requires expertise, you can avail custom module development services. Well some of the popular DNN modules are Announcement/Articles, Banners, Discussion forums, Documents, NewsFeed, Online interview, SQL Reports Lite, Task Management, New Links, Business Cards, Performance Rating, online test etc.

Why is DNN the most apt platform for growing businesses

  1. DNN offers users a simple platform for content management and you can easily update content on your website without having to wait for a developer to update it for you. The editor is a rich text editor that users are already familiar with and have all the latest features to support the creation of great content.
  2. DNN also has features for integrating third party modules and ensures that you get the desired features for your website. Security features for DNN are extremely advanced and you need not install any third party security features for your website.
  3. DNN websites are coded for efficiency. DNN is also a highly flexible platform and provides you with great opportunities to innovate.
  4. DNN Skins enable you to create the first impression for your business and build a brand with the right message sent across.
  5. DNN forms a great platform for building a wide range of web solutions. Internet, intranets, enterprise websites, as well as small business sites. What’s more, ecommerce websites can be built with DNN too. 

Overall, a familiar Microsoft platform with all the advantages of Open Source Development – DNN offers businesses with great opportunities for growth


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