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19 August 2014

How To Extend DotNetNuke Platform With Custom Functionality

With DotNetNuke, the developers can easily create custom modules and add functionality to their website. One such custom module is DNN Mailing List which allows the user to post messages to an activity stream using standard email. The user can also subscribe to the activity stream so that they can receive notifications of any new messages whenever posted. The module can be utilized by the members of your site or individual social groups.

Once you have installed the module in your site, you can easily add mailing list module instance to any page which has an activity stream module. This includes both group activity pages or standard site pages. After the mailing list module instance is added successfully, you can specify various options by clicking on the Configure button and specify whether the user want to receive notifications of new items posted to the list or automatically subscribe it.  You can also specify IMAP email address that will allow the user to post messages using a standard email client.



Once you have configured the module with IMAP server settings then you can start sending emails to the specified addresses.

The system will regularly monitor your email account to retrieve any new messages and then will post the new messages in the activity stream. You can use the standard DNN site search capability to easily find any messages in the future or use the subscriber option to receive notifications of new messages posted.

You will get the notifications in your user profile and you can also Reply By Email directly from the message you got.

To conclude, this module can easily help the user to post messages to their activity stream in few simple steps. We hope, you find this module useful in managing your online communities as well as helps you in extending the functionality of your DNN website. What’s your stand on this? Leave your replies in the comment box below…!


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