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24 July 2014

Make Your DNN Store Stand Out From the Rest

When you choose DotNetNuke for your ecommerce website, you get everything you need to run a successful ecommerce store. It is extremely flexible and rich in features that you would normally expect. DNN ranks highest in use, whether you are a professional developer or starting your own online store for the very first time. Scroll through the blog post and learn how will you make your store stand out from the rest of your competitors!

Overall layout and design of your website

When a customer visits your store the first thing he/she will see is the overall layout and design of your website. Select a custom skin as it is very important for your store. It displays the look and feel you are trying to convey to your visitors who visits your website. Also, the customers will begin to associate with your brand if your website contains proper design scheme.

Home Page

The home page or landing page is the first page many potential customers will see. As skinning is important, home page is also very important. DNN enables you to pick from a multitude of home page slider modules and allows you to utilize options which are crucial in setting your website above the rest.

Mobile Friendliness

In today’s high-tech world, every individual is using smartphone and tablets. Your significant amount of traffic could well be the mobile users. Nearly 63% of the people use their mobile devices to browse almost anything on the internet. Hence, it is highly imperative to consider having a mobile presence as well to attract maximum number of potential visitors. Just make sure that your skin is mobile friendly, compatible with all the smartphones and tablets and you use modules that are workable across all the smartphone platforms.

Make sure you choose the right module

Choosing the right module for your ecommerce website is very crucial. There are plenty of DNN modules you can choose but make sure you choose the right software for your website. Consider the features that you need for your web store and what integrated payment gateways you might use. Also, some modules have in-built hosting packages and others do not. So, select the right module for your online store after much research and a free trial.

Apply it

In the end, when you apply all these elements together you get a really attractive and functional website. We encourage you to try out different modules and skins for your web store to help you choose the best one. Whether you are looking to revamp your existing store or willing to start a new online store, DNN is the obvious choice that will help you make your store stand out from the rest!


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