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12 January 2017

A Relishing Experience of Web Development with DNN Platform

A website is a must in today’s business scenario. And, a content management system is that software application that helps to create and manage websites. There are many options when it comes to choosing a content management system. One name that is widely known to be powerful and simple at the same time, is DotNetNuke (DNN). Be it the powerful tools that it combines, or the simplicity of its access, or the development perspective that it engulfs, DNN is becoming popular day by day.

DNN has over 1 million members in its community and about 8 million downloads till the date of its open source.NET-based content management system. Its professional edition supports over 2000 customers and this growth is on a steep rise.

DotNetNuke is an open-source web content management system based on Microsoft.NET. If you are looking for a dynamic web development experience without much technical know-how, DNN can be your best bet. It’s a powerful platform that is easy to use and yet extensible. The advantages of DNN are manifold and a thorough understanding of these advantages is necessary as well as sufficient to choose it for your business solution, delivering modern web experiences. If you need a large website for your business, or a smaller one for a personal recreation or hobby, or any other cause, you must consider the following points before making the choice:

Open up with Open source

This means the source code for DNN is freely available allowing both improvement and expansion of the system through public collaboration. The developer’s community, as well as the user's community, has the liberty to modify and enhance the source code according to their suitability and understanding. Although most of the open source content management systems are freely available, DNN’sEvoq content solutions require a commercial license. These two options open up a lot of possibilities depending upon your requirements. The web content management system allows end-users to create dynamic and interactive websites, while the web application framework helps the developers to create application functionality.

Highly Extensible to be Comprehensible

DNN is based on portals that are designed and developed in such a way that websites of contrasting dimensions small ones constituting few pages to large enterprise eCommerce websites can be developed and customized using this platform. Data management being a substantial aspect for businesses today, a highly extensible content management system is a necessity. The availability of a large number of third-party applications ensures a wide range of data management techniques by providing functionalities, both on the client as well as on the server sides, which are not included in the core modules of DNN. The extensibility of DNN comes from the 3-tier architecture model, with the three tiers namely, Presentation layer, Business layer, and Data access layer.

The Name and Fame of a Microsoft Product

The name Microsoft provides weight. And those working in a Microsoft environment would naturally find it more familiar.Also being a Microsoft product makes it a well-documented framework with a solid foundation. Since it is written in C#, it can very easily handle complex modules.

Scalable, not insurmountable

In the times when websites for businesses are not limited to single pages or to a single domain, managing data is crucial. DNN can host multiple independent websites under one single installation. For businesses that require different websites for different products and/or services, DNN proves to be very useful. In some business scenarios, where several departments over their own intranet, require a digital expanse, DNN comes in handy. This chief feature of DNN makes sure that the solution it provides can be scaled based upon the changes that occur in the business sphere over time. Providing a seamless scalability also puts an end to the woes of the management who do not have to think twice before expanding their business endeavors.


Reliable, Dependable, and Secure

Making a switch from one’s current content management system to a new one is always considered complicated. With DNN, this is not the case because of the ease of integration and transfer. Modules and skins are used to customize the website according to the specific needs of deployment. Modules are nothing but the extensions that provide custom functionalities. Skins separate design from content, enabling us to customize the appearance of the portal or individual pages. Each page can have a unique appearance, usually called the skin. While one (module) deals mainly with functionality, the other (skin) all about looks and feel.

The MS SQL encrypted database provides reliable security by storing all content and configuration information. Also, security updates for DNN development are released frequently.

Easy to develop and customize

DNN is specifically web-based with a simple user-interface. Once installed, we can start working with DNN. It is both a developer and non-developer friendly since there is no specific administration area or administration dashboard, and all customizations can be carried out from the website itself.Due to a powerful toolset, designers are enabled to devise strategies that are fascinating and innovative. And the boundless rules of hosting platforms ensure that the designers have enough freedom and liberty to carry out


The importance of an efficient website for a business cannot be undermined. And for an efficient web experience, you need an efficient content management system. It would not be an overstatement to say that DNN has revolutionized the web development experience as a whole.It is one such CMS that provides the ease, reliability, dependability, scalability, extensibility, and last but not the least, the efficiency that can create and maintain almost immaculate websites on the go.Due to these benefits, there has been a conspicuous growth in the switching of businesses to DNN.


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