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30 December 2016

DNN Module Is Making Your DNN Website SEO Optimized! Know How?

All the websites that businesses wanted to build are developed with a primary objective of making the target audience heard or view the content. It’s the fact that has no other side!

Quality content is written and published to serve the same purpose. But, the quality content is not enough, unless it’s ranked well on the search engines.

It signifies the content efforts won’t pay off without SEO efforts.

According to Regalix, “96% of marketers use Search Engine to provide informational and educational content.”

Hiring an SEO team or handing over the project to an SEO agency is a smart choice, but it costs a pretty penny to the businesses that every business cannot afford to pay.Simultaneously, the importance of SEO cannot be ignored, so what to do.It becomes all imperative to do SEO when you are having the CMS website built leveraging DNN.

Here,EasyDNNnewsmodule of DNN technology comes to the rescue

The easyDNNnews module is like a one man army that easily adds article/blog,improves the localization, uplift performance, enhances custom field search functionality, upsurge search functionality, integratesEasyDNNmailChimp and a lot more.

The module is popular for showcasing the blogs and articles in the best possible way alongside enhancing the website ranking on the search engines. After installing the module, the need to partner with or hire the SEO team gets alleviated.

All the business needed is to simply add the module to the website. The web page to which the EasyDNNnews module will be added to with initial settings, the improved website SEO performance will not be far.

Take an overview of the SEO practices supported by the EasyDNNnews module of the DNN:

1) Make the URLs SEO- friendly

According to backlinko, “The shorter URLs tend to rank higher on the Google’s first page and including keywords give a boost to the ranking.”

EasyDNNnews module contains URL provider that auto-generate the article’s link from the title or allow you to create a customized link. Also, it’s capable of shortening the long URLs with parameters to short URLs.

Note: The URL provider won’t come installed with the DNN module, while it’s available within the EasyDNNnews module that you need to install separately.

2) Automatically create the metadata

Title tag and metadata constitute the important part of the SEO activity. The DNN module enables auto-generation of the title tag from the article title. Prior to title tag generation, some settings need to be done in the General settings.

The pathway to configure the setting is- EasyDNNnews > Dashboard > General settings.

Even more, the SEO settings allow you to create custom title tag. Besides, the addition of metadata and meta description that’s SEO focused becomes plain-sailing.

3) Take care of canonical URLs as well

Many times, same blogs or articles are published with different URLs, and these different URLs for the same content confuse the Google crawlers, which in turn becomes one of the reasons of decrease in the website ranking.

To avoid such situations, canonical URLs concept is there that guides search engine to find out which content is the right one. When the canonical tag is added to the article and the canonical URL is enabledin the DNN module instance, the search engines can easily identify which URL is the correct one to crawl.

4) Improve performance

EasyDNNnews module uses the DNN cache to keep the frequently asked queries into the cache and when the users asked for the article, the articles loads faster as it’s stored in the cache.

It’s widely known that search engine observes the website loading speed and if the website gets loaded faster, it’s ranked at the top position.

The same way the DNN module is helping to boost up the content ranking by optimizing website performancewith DNN cache.

5) Intuitive multimedia

It comes as no surprise that the users’ experience is one of the website ranking factor, which search engines consider. Just providing the information in the article with textual content is not optimal to hook up the visitors, while including relevant images and videos are essential.

The more time the users are going to stay on your website, the better will be the SEO ranking of your website. EasyDNNnews module works as a helping hand with an inbuilt gallery from where unlimited images or videos can be added to the article to enrich its reading appeal.

The best example of the article

6) Create the XML sitemap

To easily make the search engine aware of the list of the articles listed on the website and index them, the organized sitemap is created that’s termed as XML sitemap. It really takes the time.

EasyDNNnews module makes it damn easier by generating the sitemap of the website for every instance of the module. There is no need to update the new article in the XML sitemap, while it will be automatically updated.

Furthermore, just like canonical URLs, the sitemaps also help the search engine in understanding which duplicate articles are the real ones. See how:

When the same content is published on the multiple pages of the same website, then it’s suggested to upload the articles in Google search console, that’s the sitemap of the instance.

The way ahead

The easy to use EasyDNNnews module creates a positive impact on improved user experience, various template-driven layout, StyleWizard, advanced settings and pretty more. With SEO optimization, the module is helping the businesses to serve the purpose with best-in-class DNN development, designing and improved visibility. This is the time to integrate the module in your website and gain an edge in the market.


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