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15 December 2016

DNN Evoq- Why And How It Is The Best Fit For The Businesses?

DNN platform that’s over 10 years old is an open-source .NET based web content management system that enjoys the virtue of 1 million members in its community and 8 million downloads.

People are becoming advanced with technology innovations which have made the organizations to struggle as they have to adopt the changes frequently as the users’ needs are evolving.

That’s the reason a few years back, DotNetNuke name was changed to DNN with no change in the basic features and functionalities. Later, the DNN is rebranded as DNN Evoq, but that has come up with some updates.

The new features like- new DAM manager, SEO optimization and robust secured UI are added to DNN Evoq to improve it. The enhancements have increased the usage of DNN in web development.

How the CMS Evoq can be a best fit for your business needs? For this the businesses have to consider certain factors that illustrates whether the CMS is a perfect solution for them or not.

You should check do you need to change the content constantly, who will publish the content, what’s your target audience that will read the content, the control you need over the content and how you are going to generate the content.

When you are clear with the objective and the way you are going to leverage the content, you can painlessly expect the best results.

However, the digital marketers are increasingly making use of DNN Evoq CMS to easily manage the content and digital assets.

Behind the scene, there are some add-ons which with DNN is endowed with. Excited to know about these features?

Take a quick glance at them:

1) Bespoke UI

Every time, the marketers look for a platform that they can easily manage and use without being tech savvy. That’s where DNN Evoq’s inline image editor is the best to opt for because it alleviates the need of any third party image editor.

The easy to use inline image editor is embedded within WYSIWYG editor that enables image cropping, re-sizing and rotating in CMS itself. The tool saves the time and optimize the images for key metrics. So, it’s an excellent alternative for the marketers that even remove the need of hiring designers to create the image of good quality.

Furthermore, the in-built templates are the add-ons that help the pages to get up and running without any coding or designing. Isn’t it amazing? You can create, edit and add the content anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

2) Out-of-the-box layout

The fantastic layouts for any website are the bare bones. It demands the businesses to invest a lot of time and efforts, which in turn sometimes exceed their budget.

DNN Evoq has pre-built layouts that allow users to do editing and uploading in a few clicks. What the users all need to do is select the layout, drag and drop the desired images and then hit the ok button.

Also, the platform provides mobile-ready templates and layouts, which enable the responsive web designing possible. It signifies your website will get mobile responsive even in the absence of responsive web designer and run seamlessly across all the devices. It makes DNN portal development a breeze.

3) The content analytics in hand

To garner the website metrics, the businesses generally hire the agencies that will help them gain insights into the website like- traffic sources, page views, pages tracked, average time spent by the user on the page, channels and devices driving the traffic to the website and more.

You don’t need to get stuck in all this matter when DNN Evoq will be here. The platform provides a robust content analytics solution that helps marketers to easily view the dashboard and get all the metrics in a single view.

You don’t need to get stuck in all this matter when DNN Evoq will be here. The platform provides a robust content analytics solution that helps marketers to easily view the dashboard and get all the metrics in a single view.

So without leaving Evoq, you will get access to the complete web analytics.

4) Easy workflow

Manually managing and publishing the content across different departments is quite a task in which content manager generally struggle. To enhance the content pipeline and manage the authority over team, the DNN Evoq provides content publishing workflow.

It helps the content manager to provide the authority and permission to certain approvers that gets the rights to approve the certain type of content and provide the notification for the same.

Allow the content producers and editors to share the modules and content across multiple websites that ease the content maintenance and changes made to any site content will automatically get reflected on other.

Also, it offers the editorial team the access to digital assets kept in Sharepoint that facilitates the content publishing anywhere.

5) SEO optimized

It’s unbelievable! DNN Evoq not just make the web designing and tracking easier with built-in templates, layouts and content analytics dashboard, while it also help your website get more user traction and crawled by Google bots.

DNN Evoq helps in the SEO optimization that let your website get displayed on the first page with increased search results that ultimately increase the conversion rates. Under SEO optimization, DNN Evoq provides following features:

Keyword friendly URL creation and URL redirects:

The URLs are created that improves the organic search results. When the users want to direct the page to other website, the URL direct permanently move the page.

Custom URL and metatdata:

Metadata play a vital role in site crawling, so DNN Evoq lets the users to customize the URL, metadata and the title with the addition of keywords.

Automatic XML sitemap:

Search ranking has direct relation with XML sitemap that helps search engine to understand the structure and content of the site. All this work DNN Evoq takes care by automatically generating and submitting the sitemap to the search engines.

Page and module caching:

The caching helps in the fast loading of the web content, which in turn improves the website performance.

Following the SEO practices, you will be able to get capture high-value traffic, increase the conversion rate, enhance the market ROI, and uplift the brand awareness.

Summing it up

DNN Evoq has optimized the CMS website with its best-of-the-breed features. Now, building and making the website to run impeccably has become a job of an average Joe. DNN Evoq is taking care of everything on your behalf in just few clicks.

The entrepreneurs do not need to be technically sound, proficient in designing, tracking the web analytics, manage the content publishing flow or become SEO expert. Presently, DNN Evoq is highly in demand to build the intranet applications for the MNCs due to its exclusive features.

You are getting everything under one roof. It’s fabulous to embrace such program. What’s your thought upon this? Do share your views in the comments below.


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