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02 December 2016

Tips to Fully Utilize DNN Content Management System to Enhance Your Business

In the present era obsessed with digitalization, going online with an appealing website is mandatory for the brands to get customers whopping to their products or services. However, it’s not only the design of the website that is concerned with the engagement of customers, it’s also about pleasing content. Clear and concise content with regular updates of the latest products or services can give your customers up-to-date information about your brand and keep them engaged with it.

So, do you want an effective way to manage and deliver your website content without efforts?Yes, then Content Management System is the best option to go for.

With CMS, managing a website’s content through creation, modification, removal and update of the content is very easy for even a novice person with no technical knowledge. CMS systems are the most reliable tools for the marketers that are being implemented by more than 2000 businesses worldwide.

There are several content management systems available today for the development of content-based websites and DNN (DotNetNuke) Evoqis one of the top five. DNN Evoq is an open application interface based on ASP.NET. It is the best CMS for small to mid-size businesses,which are looking to develop content based websites at cost effective rates.

However, to get the best outcome from DNN development, businesses need to utilize the features of this .NET CMS efficiently. Here are a few features of DNN Evoq CMS and the ways through which businesses can utilize them most effectively for their needs.


User Friendly Interface

One of the best features of DNN EvoqCMS is it’s easy to use interface. It has a user friendly inline image editor which enables for easy adding, resize and cropping of images. Marketers can use this editor for quick image editing or resize to produce best quality images even without the help of the designers. There are readily available out-of-the-box templates offered by DNN which allow the users to build web pages quickly and efficiently for business needs. Without putting time into contacting the experts, the users can themselves get the web pages up and running for early and better marketing of the business. Marketers can use DNN Evoq to save their time and money which they would or else require to invest in hiring technical experts for creating, editing and updating content on their websites.

Mobile Ready Layouts

Usually impressing templates come out to be barebones, which are required to be downloaded and are usually incorporated with payments for additional bells and whistles to get the best out of them. But, DNN Evoq supports several mobile ready layouts and out-of-the-box templates that incorporate the responsive web design. Hence, it becomes easy for the businesses to create their own HTML templates with this .NET CMS and reuse for their needs. They can even use the ready layouts to design mobile-friendly web pages and use the mobile previewer offered by the CMS to see how pages appear across different mobile devices. Hence, the businesses can go mobile friendly easily with lesser costs.

Content Analytics at Fingertips

For businesses, analyzing content is very important in order to understand the effectiveness of their web pages. With Evoq, not only content management, you can even analyze your website content with detailed analytics reports without the help of the experts or agencies. The marketers can track analytics of their business web pages like page views, time spent on a particular web page and traffic sources, right from the analytics dashboard through each and every individual page. It’s easy to track the website content performance for these business marketing professionals without navigating to separate web analytics system.

Hence, this reduces time and efforts leveraged in the analytics process of the businesses for improved decision making.

SEO friendly Website

No doubt DNN CMS makes your website look appealing with catchy templates and layouts, but it also supports some of the advanced SEO features that help you get more customers to your website through better search engine results. The businesses can now create keyword friendly URLs with in-built URL management tools to rank their websites in top SERPs thereby increasing visibility of the business website in organic search engine rankings. This will ultimately get more customers and conversions for the businesses.

The marketers need to implement URL redirects, automatic XML sitemaps, custom URL, page title and metadata, canonical tags, page caching and various other SEO features supported by DNN Evoq in order to improve their brand visibility online.

Wrapping Up…

DNN CMS, when utilized to the fullest, can provide splendid opportunities for the enterprises to enhance their business through a better and content rich website. It offers serenity for the entrepreneurs looking to take their business online and are very much concerned about the security of their businessdata. It’s easy-to-use workflow, ready to use layouts, cloud-hosted repositories, SEO friendly features and content personalization and analytics tools make it the right CMS option for the businesses to grab the best advantages.


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