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09 September 2016

Benefits of using DNN CMS for Intranet

Intranet in a brief is the concept of internet technology applied for the internal needs of an organization. The concept of Intranet has been around since years to satisfy the need of data storage and transmission among the employees or the members of an organization.

The purpose of using intranet in an organization is to provide uninterrupted flow of information and communication while enhancing the security of the organizational content. Intranet is usually meant for the authenticated use by the authorized members of the organization.

While the early intranets were simple and offered limited functionalities, today’s intranets are more powerful and dynamic with advanced abilities to quickly distribute data across the network with low production and distribution costs.

The modern intranets are built using the flexible Content Management Systems that can help organizations to significantly derive the best benefits out of the intranet networks through a user-friendly and cost efficient way.

DotNetNuke is an excellent choice of content management system for intranets. Here a few reasons for this.

> It supports various functionalities to make business processes faster and much easier.

> Its user friendliness is thing one can go for. It allows users to add, update and edit content to the intranet very easily and much faster through a web browser.

> All the content that is downloaded by the users like PDFs. Word documents etc., can be easily handled and organized with DNN. DotNetNuke’s powerful file management capabilities allows for efficient management of all the downloadable content through intranet.

> A DNN based intranet network can also be integrated with social media aspects. DNN provides Active Social module for integrating social networking concepts with intranet. With DNN intranet, it's easy to manage status updates, picture galleries and blogs while getting on withprivate messaging with other registered users of the network.


> One of the most significant benefits of DNN based intranet is that DNN can be easily customized or skinned to fit into the needs of any business and can be easily accessed from any workstation for better user experience.

> DNN allows for designing an intranet that is designed for multiple device platforms thereby enabling the users across the organization to consume the information they require through various devices be it the corporate computers, mobile phones, tablets or any other device.

> The built-in document management capability and unified search feature of DNN intranet allows users to easily and quickly find or locate the information they are looking for.

> Not everyone, but only the authorized intranet users can access the information on it. Hence the security of the content or documents is ensured with DNN intranet which performs identity and access control to enable the informationto be accessed or restricted based on the identity of the user.

Hence, DNN is a great choice for intranets for organizations. If you are looking to develop DNN based intranet then utilizing DotNetNuke’sEvoq Intranet can be the best way to go ahead. Evoq Intranet is the perfect solution for development of modern technology perfect intranets to suit the needs of an organization for efficient internal information system.

All you need is to hire experts for your needs. DNNExtension is a leading DotNetNuke solutions provider offering quality DotNetNuke development services, extensions, modules and products best suitable for organizational needs. The company offers reliable tools for developing scalable and collaborative Intranet portals for internal company needs. 


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