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01 September 2016

Benefits DotNetNuke can render to your SEO Campaign

Easy and efficient management of content is exactly what every business desires from a website development platform or a framework. After all, it’s the quality and appeal of the content presented on their website that can attract customers and online traffic to their business. Hence, if you want to manage your website content better, you need a reliable and equally efficient Content Management System or CMS.

A content management system can provide your business, an efficient tool to manage your business website content without having to deal with complex code. You can edit, update and make any changes to your website within very less time, effortlessly and that too without any technical or programming knowledge. Even a layman or an entrepreneur without knowledge of any sort of programming knowledge can manage the content over his or her own business website without having to approach the developers for the same.

DotNetNuke or DNN is also a similar kind of CMS that is based on .NET platform. Being open source, it is available for unlimited number of websites and comes with regular updates featured with improvements on early versions and much better functionalities. The latest version used for DNN web development at present is the eighth version, DNN 8. DNN 8has ability to support websites through rankings in search engines. It offers some significant benefits to support your website SEO goals.

Here’s a list of ways DNN can enhance the effect of SEO campaign for your business.

Efficient URL Structuring

URL structure plays an essential in guiding users to search for content on a website easily and moreover, has significant importance with search engine rankings as well. URLs can be user-friendly as well as search engine friendly tailored with important and easily understandable keywords. URLs defined with targeted keywords for SEO can have significant benefits on the search results of the website as well. With DNN, it is possible to define customized, user understandable and search engine friendly URLs. With DNN duplicate page content issues can also be mitigated with canonical URLs. If two or more pages have same content but different URLs, these pages will be listed as duplicate content pages. With DNN, the system is actually aware of what is the correct URL and automatically redirects the user to it even in case if he/she tries to access the wrong one. Hence, the duplicate content issues are minimized which can be leading cause for your business website to drop down in the search engine listings.

Defining the Meta Tags is Very Easy

Meta tag and title tags play an important role from SEO point of view to get your webpages listed in top search engine results. While there are some web development platforms that allow defining or updating these meta tags only through coding, DNN CMS platform allows to get on with defining and editing this meta information on your web pages easily. No need to struggle with coding chunks. All you need is to easily operate through a user-friendly interface and get done your meta tags uploading activity for individual pages on your website. If done properly with right keywords, this can easily and effortlessly take you on the heights of SEO ranks.


Dynamic Sitemap Creation

Sitemaps are important to define for a website in order to make its web pages to be read and indexed by the search engines. The search engines usually fetch the web pages information of a website from its sitemap. Hence, defining a sitemap is important for a business website, if you want its pages to read and indexed by the search engines. With DNN, you need no help of any other third-party tool to create or generate sitemap for your website. DNN will dynamically generate sitemap for your website by reading its structure and hence, can save a lot of efforts and time for other important business SEO activities.

Completely Customizable Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are important for easy and instant navigation through the web pages of a website. Breadcrumbs make it easy for the visitors to find what they are searching by easily jumping from and to the web pages in a website without getting lost. Especially, in case of huge ecommerce websites, breadcrumbs can help the visitors easily locate what they are looking for through just a few clicks and therefore, can define better user experience to attract customers. These breadcrumbs are also prominent for SEO of a business website as they are given equal weightage by the search engines along with the other factors for listing the website in top SERPs. Defining customized breadcrumbs as per your business website requirements and with easily understandable keywords is very easy with DNN platform. There are DNN skins that include breadcrumb navigations as well and these make it easy for you to define your own breadcrumb system for your business website.

Apart from these things, DNN also supports factors like ALT tags, canonical tags, pagination and various other important elements that are considered for ranking a website in search engine results.

Therefore, if you are planning to develop a website for your business requirements, then opting for DNN CMS platform can offer significant benefits. DNN website development can help you gain good online traffic, enhance your business presence globally and give you significant returns for your business investments. So, just cash on this splendid CMS technology to promote your brick and mortar store in best possible way through online search engines.


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