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12 August 2016

Why Should You Consider DotNetNuke 8 for your New Website?

Do you know that DotNetNuke (a.k.a DNN) is one of the top 5 popular web CMS systems in the world today?


Yes, it’s true. Being free and open source framework, DNN is preferred by several organizations and small to medium-sized enterprises for their web development needs. The platform boasts of 6+ million downloads and hence, is slowly yet steadily climbing up the steps of popularity in the world of content management systems. It is believed that more than 0.6% of the CMS based websites in the world today are using DNN.


So, what do you think is driving DNN to the heights?


DNN’s free availability and powerful content management abilities that allow users to manage and build content rich websites accessible from various devices, make it a popular choice amongst the developers and enterprises for CMS website development. Moreover, being based on one of the top web development technologies of the present times, ASP.NET, it becomes much easier to develop efficient web applications with DNN.


Above all this, one of the most important things that is driving DNN to the heights at present, is its new and updated version, DNN 8.


DNN 8 = A Better DNN = A Better CMS for Web Development

With greater capabilities and ease of developing and maintaining websites and web applications, DNN 8 is certainly a BIG step forward for DotNetNuke.


DNN 8 is just the best way to define the enterprise-class websites with an open source content management system. It gives more control over things like marketing, multi-format content publishing and website visitors tracking, thereby, allowing enterprises to create better circumstances to grow their business with advancing times.


There’s lot more adding up to the traditional DNN platform, other than simple web content management, with this latest version. DNN 8 allows firms to publish, measure and also personalize their website content from anywhere and anytime online.


Reasons to Use DotNetNuke 8 for your Website

DNN allows faster and easy designing, developing and management of the feature-rich websites. This is the reason that a large number of businesses worldwide including the Fortune 500 companies are now using DNN platform for their enterprise website development needs.


Are you one of them? If yes, then it’s the right time for you to consider upgrading your website to the eighth version of DNN.


If NO, then here are a few important reasons for you to consider DNN 8 website development for your enterprise.


Easy Content Personalization

Now-a-days website visitors want personalized experiences from websites. This means a website should be able to provide them with the required information or products and services they are looking for and that too, at the right time. DNN 8 helps in creating completely customized and visitor-specific personalized content based on their profiles. A DNN 8 website can add power to marketing strategies of your firm by helping you tailor experiences for your website visitors based on analytical data and factors like age, gender, recent visits, geography, search terms, ad clicks and much more.


“Evoq 8 (licensed version of DNN 8) gives the flexibility to start with a master set of content and tailor it based on data from analytics, which helps with higher conversion, time on page, and reduces bounce rate,” says Will Morgenweck, DNN’s vice president of product management.


So, by opting for a DNN 8 website, you can not only improve the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, but also improve sales conversions to reap better profits for your business.


Improved Performance & Scalability

With DNN 8 as a platform for your website, you can be assured of its best performance all the time. The DNN 8 developers have worked on various aspects of improving application performance like application starting time, page rendering speed and last but not the least, scalability. This means if your website is based on DNN 8, it will be loaded really fast and hence, offer better user experiences to your visitors who shall no longer have to face inconvenience in waiting for the website to get loaded. You can scale up your website to meet your changing or multiplying requirements with time easily with DNN 8.


Unmatched Security

Compared to other content management systems, DNN offers a much secure platform for creating enterprise websites. You do not have to install or depend on any third-party application for imposing security on your website as DNN has an inbuilt security model within its CMS architecture.


Page-Level Analytics for Tracking Performance of Your Website

DNN 8 can give you detailed analytics foryour website pages including their page views, unique visitors, referrers and conversionsand help you track the performance of your website at most trivial levels possible. The detailed page-level analytics will allow you to take improved decisions at an early stage, thereby avoiding undesired circumstances that can hinder the progress of your business.


Wrapping Up…


DNN 8 is slowly and steadily emerging as a leading platform for website development due to its improved capabilities to customize, track, secure and scale websites. It allows developing enterprise websites that offer really fast and comfortable experiences to the customers. Hence, DNN 8 is just the right platform for you, if you are planning to develop CMS website for your enterprise this season. 


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