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28 May 2015

Not-To-Miss Out Things Before The Launch Of Your DNN Website

DotNetNuke, one of the best content management systems to develop not only business websites, but also modules, extensions and eCommerce stores, to name a few. All of us now are aware of the benefits of using DNN now. It has been popular since its inception, not only because it manages the content workflow, but also it has got unbeatable features like advanced security, amazing flexibility and unbelievable speed. Also, it is open source, so it reduces the overall cost; and the list of the advantages goes on and on.

DNN Website

DNN website development is easy; however, the launching time is really frantic. There are a lot of things which must be done in the sequence one after the other in order to make it go perfect. So, there are high chances of you making small mistakes, which can cost a lot. So, it is advisable for you to take the utmost care about things you are doing and things others are doing around you. There are a lot of things which you should keep in mind when launching the DNN website. So, let us take a sneak peak of some of the most important things which you should take care of during the launch of the DNN website. Here we go.

1. One of the most important tips that everyone needs before launching the DNN website is to make sure that the site gets opened even without typing ‘www’ before the name of the domain, keeping in mind the people who are too lazy to type www.

2. Another important tip is to change the default settings of the DNN website. For example: the privacy policy, terms and conditions and other such things of the other website might not match with your website. So, make sure you make the necessary modifications in them.

3. It is advisable to make an administration screen wide enough to make it look right. Most websites look terrible because they do not keep this point in mind.

4. Of course, it is not affordable to redirect every web page. However, a good idea is to redirect the pages that handle at least 80 percent of the website traffic.

5. Make sure you set up Google Analytics before the website gets launched. This can be extremely easy in the latest version of DNN.

6. Another things which needs to be done before launch is setting up the email; not only for registrations, but for multiple other tasks, your website should know how to send an email.

7. Do not forget to add the file extensions and make sure you adjust the file size limitations according to the files which are going to be used on the website; especially if the files are going to be too large or videos.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important guidelines to take care about when launching a DNN website, it is advisable for you to keep these points in mind so that the launch of your website is a successful event. Good luck!


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