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05 May 2015

DNN Evoq – The Fabulous Four Benefits

Evoq is one of the best technologies in this modern age that helps businesses grow and expand in no time. So, let us just quickly take an overview at the reasons of making the use of DNN Evoq, by discussing some of the most important benefits.

Take control with social CMS:

The DotNetNuke Evoq lets you modernize the landscape of your application, as it is open source, scalable and has got the fixed price. Also, it helps you with the mobile optimization.

Drive product innovation and reward brand advocates:

According to a research, 94 percent of the total customers believe other customers more than the company advertisements and promotions. DNN Evoq helps you with the ideation and badges. In addition to that, it deals with the reputation points and user voting.

Acquire and retain customers through social engagement:

As per the survey, 67 percent of the social media users say that their purchases are influenced by the social media. So, DNN Evoq helps you earn new customers and retain the existing ones with the help of the gamification, user profiles, blogs and status updates.

Increase sales and improve customer service:

Did you know that 90 percent of people who go online everyday use social web daily. Well, the DNN Evoq helps the businesses enhance the user experience, improve the customer services and boost up the revenue with the help of the Questions and answers, Wikis, Forums and Discussions, to name a few.



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