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02 April 2015

Why Choose DotNetNuke For E-Commerce Website Development?

DNN Ecommerce Customization Services & DNN E-Commerce Development technically go hand in hand for developers in designing great E-commerce websites for their clients around the world. It's becoming increasingly critical for businesses to have an e-commerce presence to capture customers in the online community at the Point of Sales (POS) & enterprises are devising strategies which revolve around that model to maximize their sales which in turn could enhance their ROI's for them eventually. DNN is one such enterprise level e-commerce open source application provider whereby it enables developers to design great e-commerce portals & offer a user experience never heard till date. So, what makes DNN a favourite in the E-commerce development space? What is the need to choose DNN for developing your E-commerce website? DNN e-commerce services allows even the smallest of the business to compete with large players in the marketplace equally & tries to convert every information seeker into a prospective client. That makes DNN stand out from the rest of the pack quite efficiently.

Let's take a look at some of the serious benefits that DNN offers in successful e-commerce portal development to users & developers: -

1 - Offers M-Commerce Facility – Mobile stores are increasingly become a critical component for businesses today. As users become smart by using smart phones, it's become imperative to offer M-commerce services to enterprises in order to enable them grab customers through the POS mechanism & enhance their market shares effectively. Its also increasingly becoming important to offer e-commerce services all under one roof which can offer convenience & empower buying decisions for the end-users just at his/her fingertips.

2 – Offers Multi-Store Features – This feature allows the user to shop from different stores for his/her product of his choice at his fingertips. This helps businesses enhance their sales & ROI's for  & DNN helps you do that with easy & simplicity!

3 – Offers Mult-Vendor Facility – This feature allows the user to manage vendors & suppliers effectively & helps to reach the product fastest to the store from the nearest vendor who has the product available in store.

4 – Easy Product Configurations – This feature allows developers to configure products in the e-commerce system very easily & ensures setting up of the product portfolio & product attributes in an efficient & simple manner thus enhancing operational efficiencies for the business.

5 – Great Marketing Configurations – You can now enhance your sales with already in-built marketing configurations like discounts, promotional codes & loyalty points. Its also SEO friendly and enhances optimized content to be shown on the e-commerce site for the user.

6 – Great Shipment Configurations – DNN allows developers to configure shipping providers & shipping agents with ease & simplicity! It has tie-ups with a host of shipping providers & agents to facilitate easy configurations with your e-commerce marketplace. It allows you to calculate your shipping costs & tracks your shipping codes & shares the information with you on a real-time basis.

7 – Eay Payment Method Configurations –  DNN allows developers to integrate payment gateways in an easy manner as it has tie-ups with major payment gateways for allowing customers to make payment with ease & convenience. Its tightly integrated with different payment methods like – cash, credit cards, debit cards & others for ensuring faster payments by customers.

8 - Cost effective – DNN sites are truly cost-effective & thus make it a feasible option to migrate to a virtual store easily.

9 - Extensible – DNN offers a host of extensions to it features on an ongoing basis in order to be abreast in the e-commerce marketplace & developers can use these extensions to make websites an up to date one.

10- Multi-Lingual – DNN offers its services in multiple languages across the globe so that developers are able to cater to an array of customers world-wide thus widening the service offerings.

11- Responsive – It offers a range of responsive design structures & themes giving them the freedom to design the best e-commerce website for their clients.

12 - Great Social Media Integration – DNN allows easy & simple integration options with social media websites in order to generate sales from the online communities.

With all the above dynamic features & benefits offered by DNN, it makes sense for any IT firm to offer amazing DNN Ecommerce Customization Services  keeping in mind the consumer tastes & preferences of the client thus making  DNN E-Commerce Development an interesting space to explore unique e-commerce service offering for them.



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