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DotNetNuke Web Development Services & Its Unique Features
12 March 2015

DotNetNuke Web Development Services & Its Unique Features

DotNetNuke is a world-class open source Content Management Platform & System (CMS) for businesses & enterprises and a widely known Web CMS tool from Microsoft (Microsoft.NET). The system helps these enterprises develop and handle websites which are rich in content and has the capability to manage online communities accessible through multiple devices. It was launched in 2002 & it supports over 2600 applications, 3300 customers and 920,000 websites globally. Its downloaded now by over nine million developers & users worldwide to make it as the most popular & preferred content & web development tool worldwide.


Let’s discuss some of the key advantages & features offered by DNN to its developers: - 

•    It's built on clean & neat technology like ASP.NET which renowned worldwide.

•    It's a scalable solution irrespective of whether small or large enterprises.

•    It has an inbuilt a web farm mechanism whereby large sites can run in a distributed environment.

•    It allows web editing & content management easy without any much knowledge needed on the technical front.

•    It allows content approval system so that the verifier can go through the same & any changes needed can be done before it goes live.

•    Most importantly, it's integrated with social media & google analytics

•    It's open source application offered by DNN.

DotNetNuke Web Development Services To Enterprises & Individuals

1 - DNN uses a 3 tier architectural design & comes with standard modules which are inbuilt for developers. Modules comprise of security, user administration and content management facilities. Developers can either choose from them to fit the bill or customize the sites as per the need of the customer.

2 - It also offers extensions from the current features so that developers are abreast of the latest technology trends & they can incorporate those features/extensions in making the website world-class.

3 - DNN also offers great 3rd party integration services with their modules so that it remains compatible & relevant as far as practicable with the applications they offer to customers.

4 - DNN skins are one such feature that have the capability to change the look & the feel of the websites. They can be easily customized as per the tastes of the consumers & gives a wide range of choice to play with different colors, backgrounds & themes to make it more attractive for users & site visitors.

5 - DNN strives to ensure that security issues of developers & users are addressed efficiently in a proper manner. All security issues are routed through the DNN Security Centre to maintain a proper channel for the same. DNN offers workarounds & fixes for the security issues in the applications they provide. DNN task force located at DNN security centre reviews all the security threats reported by the members & assigns security level in accordance with the impact it can have on DNN applications worldwide. It maintains utmost confidentiality of the person reporting the same. The severity level is bifurcated into Critical, Moderate & Low.

Dnnextension is a leading DotNetNuke Web Development Services provider for enterprises & individuals globally & offers uncompromised quality to it clientele. We are experts in handling large scale projects with immense precision & believe in timely & efficient delivery of services to clients across the globe. It devises innovative & out of the box solutions in DotNetNuke application development & ensures that the highest standard is adhered in delivering world class DotNetNuke Web Development Services to clients globally.


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