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A guide to DNN eCommerce Customization services
02 March 2015

A guide to DNN eCommerce Customization services

In this ‘subject to change’ world, the only thing that does not change is change. The speed in which new technology emerges and gets dated is unbelievable. It is very tough to stay updated about all the technologies coming up and prevailing in the market. Well, one of the latest technologies that is used for development and customization of eCommerce websites is DNN.

DNN (DotNetNuke) can make wonders like a rich online experience for all the customers. DNN has got a lot of products and services. Some of its services include website, extension and CMS development, skin designing, outsourcing and consulting, development and integration, document management system, QA and testing and support services. However, out of all the services, the best of all that is blooming in the market is DNN eCommerce Customization services. So, now that you are aware with this term, you must know how important it is, benefits of using DNN, the benefits of hiring the professionals for this service as well as tips for hiring the DNN (DotNetNuke) developers. So, let us take a glance at all of these; one by one.Importance of DNN eCommerce Customization services

Importance of DNN eCommerce Customization services

With these services, the customers can ask the DNN developers to develop a website for their business; not the simple ones, but the customized ones as per their needs and requirements. This service is extremely important for the business owners, as it helps them showcase their products and services. Also, it helps them being close to customers and the interaction becomes quite easy. In addition to that, it helps to make the entire process go smoother. In short, it helps the business owners expand their business effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of choosing DNN for building up your eCommerce website

  • Flexibility and Extensibility comes with the DotNetNuke:

With DNN eCommerce solution, you can sell whatever you want on your customized online store. Moreover, you can extend your website by adding all the features and functionalities that you need with the help of the add-ons to make the fully functional customized online store.  

  • Easy and secured payment options are necessity:

With the help of DNN, you can integrate with the major shipping providers. Also, no card and payment details are stored in the system, so the payment process is easier and more secured than ever.

  • Advanced, customizable and easily manageable online store: 

With DNN, the website can be made in such a way that the products can be displayed properly with the correct product description. Also, the orders can be managed well. In addition to that, discounts can be provided with the help of deals and offers to the customers. Apart from all these, you can place the advanced search option through which customers can find their products easily. The last, but definitely not the least, the website can be customized as per the requirements of clients at any time of the day or night without affecting the website adversely. 

  • Reliable and intuitive eCommerce website: 

The Ecommerce websites developed in DNN are never down. The website remains up and live in all the situations; be it addition of new products or the site maintenance time. 

  • Wide reach, more customers, more business: 

As it is multilingual, it supports all the languages.  Not only it is multilingual, but also it supports a lot of currencies. So, you can do the business wherever you want, all over the world. 

  • Mobile friendly for the smart phone and tablet users: 

In this mobile world, as we know most people use their mobile phones and tablets to surf and shop online. So, DNN lets you build the websites that can run on all the mobile devices; be it a smart phone or tablet.

  • Cost effective website is the key: 

You need not incur additional cost for the updates, security, extensions and maintenance. Everything just come along!


Benefits of hiring professionals for the DNN eCommerce Customization services

There are a few reasons for not developing the website on your own and hiring the professionals for the same. So, let us talk about the top three benefits of hiring the professionals for the DNN eCommerce Customization services

You get the professional level work from the experts

If you get your online store developed from the DNN experts, it is obvious that you get the professional touch. The professionals have become experts because they are highly qualified and well trained. They have been working into the same field since quite long, gaining several years of experience.

Tools and technologies: 

As they are working professionally, they have got all the tools and technologies that are needed for the DNN eCommerce website development. 


You need not take all the stress of developing your online store; let the professionals do it.  While they build your website, you can invest that time into the business development. 

Finally, summarizing, at the end of the article you are aware of not only the benefits of using DNN to develop your eCommerce website, but also the benefits of hiring the professionals to get it developed. So, now, you must look out for the best DNN website development company and hire the best DNN developers. Make sure you choose the qualified and experienced developers who provide timely delivery to clients. Good luck for the same!


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