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23 February 2015

Simple yet most popular DotNetNuke (DNN) Extensions

What is DNN?

DotNetNuke (DNN) is a open source web content management system based on Microsoft .NET.

DNN was written in VB.NET though the developers has shifted to C# since version 6.0 was released. It is distributed under 'Community Edition MIT' & 'Commercial Proprietary' licenses respectively and they have professional (Evoq content) & enterprise (Evoq Content Enterprise) editions. DNN products and technology are the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide. DNN is the steward in DotNetNuke Open Source Project.


What is DNN Platform?

DNN Platform is an open source content management software that allows management of websites without much technical knowledge. It has large number of third-party app developers to offer functionalities which are not a part of the DNN core modules.  DNN platform offers a wide rage of extensions to developers where they can upload/download these files freely from the community section. DNN Platform also allows developers to change the look & feel of the website through using DNN Skins.


So what are the most simple yet most popular DotNetNuke extension development tools available to developers?

DNN Blog – Its an easy to use content publishing extension that is tightly integrated with the DNN Platform. It works just like a blog owner! New blogs are shown on the website quickly with this extension! Multiple categories can also be created and blogs can be sorted as per their categories! 

DNN Events – It manages the display of events & shows the calendar of events along with an option to add additional information for the user. Events can be filtered & downloaded at a later date by users.

DNN Forum is a module used for managing dynamic online forums & email notifications are created to join the forums for the user.

DNN Gallery is a dynamic extension offered to developers for displaying images on the DNN site.

DNN Announcements is a module used for displaying news items, press releases or any corporate announcements on your DNN site.

DNN Survey is a module used for conducting surveys to understand customer perception on the DNN website.

DNN Feedback is an extension used for accepting user enquiries (through e-mails) & makes it as a more engaging channel to share issues & resolve issues.

DNN Documents is an easy extension used for managing all types of downloadable documents & files from your website with ease & simplicity.

DNN Links is a module used for displaying navigational links & redirecting them appropriately from the website.

DNN Repository is a rich extension used for managing and displaying a collections of images, files, links, on your DNN site along with dynamic Dashboards which includes user rating, comments, templating and skinning features.

DNN Media is a module that is used to display or play any of the common media formats that you're interested in on your website including social media & other popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. There are over 200 sources of social media that are supported through this extension!

DNN News Feeds is an extension used for displaying RSS news feeds on a website.

DNN Reports provides a simple yet flexible view fn your database on your website. 'Super Users' can develop reports by building a SQL Query and displaying it with one of the visualizers built-in to the module or through a 3rd-party visualizer.

DNN FAQ is simple module which displays all your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your website!

DNN Help is a module used for displaying tutorials, user guides & manuals & categorize them on your website.

DNN Chat is a module providing basic chat room functionality to users for having live chats with the website owner. It shows number of connected users in the chat room & tracks who is logging in & out in the chat room.

DNN What's New is a module that gives the user the information about the new service offering by a particular company on the DNN site.

DNN Map is an  extension which integrates the website with the Google Maps API for dispalying location based mapping services to users & web owners.

All the above modules & extensions are easily customizable as per the client's need thus making DotNetNuke extension development & offering world-class DNN development services an easy process for global enterprises.


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