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Exciting New Features in Evoq 8
20 February 2015

Exciting New Features in Evoq 8

DotNetNuke (DNN) has two types of editions namely - Professional Edition (Evoq Content) & Enterprise Edition (Evoq Content – Enterprise) & since its launch in 2013 it has launched some of the great features to publish & create responsive web content for users & enterprise 

Lets take a look at some of the exciting new features offered in Evoq 8 in Evoq Content web development: -

Data Analytics

It provides statistics on page views, referrals, number of visitors & the rate at which the visitors are getting converted in to customers. These data are shared to the web owners via data collected by Evoq & it is presented in a very simple & easy manner. It helps web owners understand how the content is optimized with a separate web analytical system. web analytics system.


Visitors want experience which are personalized in nature. They wish to see the information what they wish to see just anytime anywhere & whenever they want! Evoq 8 is one such application which is designed & tailored as per the needs of the customer with immense focus on personalized content.

Rules in the application are designed as per geographies, account registrations (i.e. registered & un registered users) gender, age, sex & recent visits.

For instance , if a page highlights your partners, the site will identify & show your top 10 partners withing 50-100 miles in the Evoq driven content application software.

Personalization feature can fuel the demand for DNN Evoq Social Web Development services to enterprises as well.

Centralized cloud hosting & content repositories

Evoq has synchronisation facility with cloud hosted applications like Box, DropBox, Amazon S3, Marketo Microsoft SharePoint to name a few. The synchronisation is easy & can be done with a simple click by just entering the relevant credentials!

Customized & flexible content layouts

Content layouts just can be customized as per the taste of the customer from the available set of layouts provided by Evoq. Developers can assemble layouts with drag & drop facility making it very easy for them to design web pages! One can also save the layout & reuse it on other web pages & the same are very responsive! Evoq is the most web & mobile ready layouts till now!


Evoq acts as a powerful tool of advocacy marketing through social media thereby allowing the user to share the content like a wild-fire on social media sites. Its integrated with Evoq application it has the capability to engage customers by awarding points, badges & incentives to customers through various quizzes & games in-built in it. This can once again fuel demand for customized  DNN Evoq Social Web Development in the future.



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