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03 July 2014

Unlocking Telerik RAD Controls In DotNetNuke To Deliver Enhanced User Experience

As you are aware that DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework ideal for creating and deploying commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, custom vertical applications and more. On the other hand, Telerik is a leading vendor of development tools and user interface components for .Net platform. Today, Telerik RAD Controls for ASP.Net AJAX are widely distributed with every DNN Community and Professional Edition exposing the RAD Controls technology to the large growing community of DNN developers.

The Telerik RAD Controls provide developers with a richer toolset for developing dynamic and engaging user interfaces in the DNN platform. DotNetNuke Community Edition users will be able to utilize RAD Controls through standard user interface extensions provided in the DNN platform whereas the DNN Professional Edition users will receive a full development license for Telerik RAD Controls.

In this blog post let’s discuss the highlights of Telerik RAD Controls with the sophisticated DotNetNuke platform in order to design and develop dynamic and interactive web applications.

* Telerik RAD Controls allows developers to deliver highly interactive and dynamic features to the user of both the DNN Community and Professional Editions.

* Integration of Telerik RAD Controls with the DotNetNuke Professional Edition 5.2 provides DNN developers with powerful development tools for creating engaging client-side experiences for the website visitors. The Professional Edition content editors will also benefit from the Telerik RAD Editor which provides more flexibility and additional features for editing website content.

* Based on the commercially successful RAD Editor from Telerik, the new enhanced and rich Text Editor offers features like Microsoft Word clean HTML, spell check, HTML templates, image resizing, compression and more.

* Telerik RAD Controls offers page caching in order to improve the website performance by serving cached pages from a location specified by the site administrator may be memory, database or disk.

* Module Caching stores module content in a centralized database for faster page loading without the need of web server processing.

* Security Center protects DNN Professional Edition users by dynamically loading lists of known security vulnerabilities affecting the current software version and providing navigational guidance to acquire the latest software updates.

* Taking advantage of the new and improved development environment developers using Telerik’s RAD Controls will be able to control the appearance and configuration of their controls more quickly than ever. Also, with the much improved CSS integration in VS 2008 and the Split View designer, developers can easily change control properties and skins and instantly preview the results in the designer.

* The new tool LinqToSql allows developers to visually map their database tables to the .NET classes and then use LINQ to declaratively query their data.

To conclude, Telerik has once again demonstrated its dedication to delivering tools for the latest Microsoft tools and frameworks and help developers to create unique and dynamic applications based on the DotNetNuke platform. Have more to share? Then leave your replies in the comment box below…! 


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