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03 July 2014

Enable A Powerful DNN Experience On Windows Azure Backed By A Device Pool Of Cloud Resources

If you are familiar with ASP.Net then you might have come across DotNetNuke platform. DotNetNuke (DNN) an open source web application framework utilizes a pool of cloud resources and storage back-ups to enable a unique DNN experience with all the power and flexibility of Windows Azure behind it. DNN has created a product that gives you the power to quickly create a website with extensive features and easy extensibility and offers Evoq suite of business applications as a Cloud Service built on Windows Azure.

In this blog post let’s discuss DNN Cloud solutions on Windows Azure platform, a easy way to leverage a Windows Azure integrated platform for developing projects.

New Windows Azure based DNN Cloud Offering

DNN enables their own Windows Azure based Cloud offering which is a great example of leveraging Windows Azure features to build a managed service. The DNN Cloud Team utilizes a collection of Windows Azure services to deliver both their product and a simplified management console for support and operations staff.

Each device is a connection between a Windows Azure Storage Account, SQL Database and multiple Cloud Services instances. The Windows Azure load balancer assigns the traffic and application and content files are kept in Windows Azure geo-redundant storage while the Cloud Services instances are treated as volatile and can be scaled up and down according to the customer needs. The overall system uses Windows Azure Table Storage, Message Queues and Web Worker roles to handle maintenance and provisioning of the customer sites.

Set up your Website on a DNN Cloud Storage

Any web application goes through an installation process. You can spend hours simplifying the installation process and making it as easy as possible but the most effective thing is to remove installation altogether. Windows Azure Cloud Services are ideal for installation elimination and once a package is well-defined an endless amounts of the same application can be deployed without repeating the installation process.

The DNN Cloud team designed a ‘Device Pool’ concept where deployed devices are kept ready to be assigned to the customers. Once a customer creates an account, the device is assigned to them and after 30 seconds the customer has their new website - fully installed and ready to go.

Windows Azure empowers Back-ups

The applications also have the need to have a simple backup and restore process. The DNN Solution leverages a Web Worker role to create backups on a prescribed schedule as well as on demand. The database backups are combined with the application files to create a single compressed back-up which can be restored on demand by the customer. You can access this feature on the Cloud menu on the top right of your DNN admin page. This is handled through the same application administration interface as

is used to manage content, user accounts and extensions giving the solution a seamless feel which works fine.

The presence of easily-restored backups allows to create instant staging environments of a customer device by enabling a restore from a production backup to the staging device. The creation of a staging environment also provides the ability to easily test out the application updates which then allows administrators to easily keep their sites up-to-date and take advantage of any security fixes and new features being released over time.

To sum up, the extensibility of DNN is well-known, supports all the latest ASP.NET technologies and offers everything a developer needs to build robust sites and applications on Windows Azure platform. Have more to share? Then leave your replies in the comment box below…!



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