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DNN Evoq Content CMS Security
03 November 2014

DNN Evoq Content CMS Security


In today’s technology driven world, lots and lots of businesses happens over the web. In order to appeal to your customers, your website needs to be highly secure. It raises the confidence of your customers if they know that they are dealing with a secure platform. Well, to be able to provide customers with excellent security features, businesses must select the right platform for web development.

DNN Web Development with DNN Evoq Content can provide businesses with ample features for building highly secure websites. Businesses are at high risk of security breaches due to the access devices becoming more portable and more mobile. Any lost device or misplaced mobile phone will cause severe damage.

Here is how DNN Evoq Content can help you build highly secure websites for your business:

Preventing unauthorized access to your website

With DNN you can protect your site by giving appropriate access to users. Just sufficient so that they can carry out their daily tasks. Restrict access to only those users who has proper credentials for either changing or deleting or updating anything on your website.

Unintentional error

DNN allows you to give access to users depending on the skill set and understanding of the system. This will ensure that your system is free from mistakes.

Monitor events that impact website security

It is easy to monitor the website and the expected and unexpected events that occur with the alerts and notifications features available with DNN CMS.

Some security features

User Permissions

DNN offers businesses with granular permissions. You can set permissions for those who are allowed to view, edit, delete or make any kind of changes to the pages. This can be applied to pages, modules or folders.

DNN Version Tracking

A few clicks can help you roll back to the previous version of a particular page. This will help you understand who made what changes and what changes caused the error.

User Authentication

DNN can be integrated easily with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Authentication can be combined. Well, other single sign on features can be configured too.


All website modifications can be monitored and DNN keeps an entire audit history. The alerts are presented to the administrator via the Security Center.

Application Integrity

Inconsistencies in files that are out of date can be reported to the administrator.

DNN has all the features required to maintain the security of your website and help you run a highly secure business. Web security could be a little tricky. But with the right platform, offering the right features, you can create a system that can notify you or help you understand the security needs of your website.

DNN Evoq Content is built for businesses who expect security features right from the foundation of the website. This enables them to built robust systems to support the increasing demands of web security and serve their customers better.


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