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Bootstrap Theme and DNN Design
04 November 2014

Bootstrap Theme and DNN Design



The Bootstrap theme is for rapid DNN development and helps designers to quickly build consistent websites. Bootstrap is basically a collection of HTML, CSS and Java Script code, (created by twitter) that offers powerful tools for Skin Designing in DNN Websites.

Some of the tools that Bootstrap has to offer are:

Layout Options: The Bootstrap theme allows us to work with a variety of layout options such as the grid system which is beneficial while creating website layouts quickly.

Default Modern Texts and Styles: The Bootstrap theme includes a lot of new and interesting texts and styles for developers to use.

Java Script Plugins: It also includes a collection of handy Java scripts to create pop ups, animation in the menus and responsive carousel.

Provides the apt building blocks for your website

Bootstrap provides a perfect foundation for every designer, programmer or content designer. This can be used for all the skins that will be used for various projects. This is essential to achieve coherency in organizing a page. Some sort of uniformity in design is achieved and it makes the task of organizing all the elements on your web page much easy.

Responsive – out of the box

It’s good to know that the Bootstrap theme is responsive out of the box. Considering that anything on the web needs to be responsive. Meaning it should render well on the small screens of the mobile devices too and adapt to the various screen sizes and form factors available with mobile devices. Well, responsive features are not considered to be an option. They are a “must have” for all websites. You can now build websites with both desktop and mobile versions with great ease with the Bootstrap theme. DNN supports such features and Bootstrap allows for Responsive Fluid layout as well as adaptive layouts.

Customization is possible

Well, Bootstrap does not provide you with an absolute skin for your website design. It is still customizable. You can add your own CSS and Java scripts and change the looks as per your website requirements. By default, bootstrap contains a lot of components and you need not include all of them or it will increase the overload. You can select the customize option and uncheck all the options that you do not want to include on your DNN skin.

Compatible with the latest version of all the browsers

The Bootstrap theme is compatible with all latest browsers available, so designers need not worry about that.

DNN skinning could be made easy with Bootstrap. You can create amazing websites with great ease. This enables rapid website development and hence is gaining popularity today. It basically provides ready style sheets for uniform and modern formatting of your website. 


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