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DNN Interactive Content – The future of content marketing
10 November 2014

DNN Interactive Content – The future of content marketing


The internet is so full of similar websites and similar businesses today, that it has become more and more important to maintain the uniqueness of the content on your website. You are competing against so many others providing the same services as yours and so many others selling products that are similar to yours. So how should you design your content marketing strategy to make it stand apart from all the others? The trends in content marketing are rapidly changing and interactive content is becoming more and more popular.

Here’s why you should invest more in interactive content. Selecting the right web solution matters too. DNN Development provides you with all the relevant features for creating compelling, interactive content.

Customer Engagement

Interactive content on websites or interactive mobile apps for businesses are a great way to keep customers engaged. When customer engagement with your website increases, customers get a chance to understand your products better and hence make an informed decision to do business with you or buy products from you. Customer engagement is by far the most important aspect of your website. You get the benefits of retaining the newly attracted customers and keeping the interest of the existing customers.


Gamification is the upcoming trend that helps build a sense of excitement and adds an element of fun to your website so that your customers keep coming back for more. This type of interactive content includes a reward for the customers either for participation or for “winning” something. Keeping reader attention enough to urge them to participate is a challenge for content marketers. Your content should be that powerful.

 Customer Retention

Content marketing aims to retain customers. Both that are unaware of your products and those that are aware of them. The content on your website not only should help grab attention, but also helps retain the customers that are already aware of your products. Interactive content makes it easy to maintain customer interest in your product.

 Customer experiences

In an age where customer experiences matter more than anything on your store, building your content strategies around this will make a huge difference. Interactive content as explained above with gamification, or opinions or community interactions could be the answer to improving customer interactions and experiences at your store. Talking to a few peers will build confidence in the minds of customers that their choice to buy a particular product is right.

Accelerate sales

All the efforts you put in for creating content and interactions with your content will ultimately accelerate sales. That said, you must build definite call to actions around all your content strategies and make sure that the customers find it easy to understand what you want them to do at the end of a game or an interactive ad on your website.

Building content for your website today is not just about providing information to your customers about your services, it also includes a lot of strategies to engage customers and keep their interests in your business up.


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