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Do’s And Don’t s For A DNN Website SEO
11 November 2014

Do’s And Don’t s For A DNN Website SEO


DNN or DotNetNuke is a Content Management System used to build high quality websites using ASP.NET and is today rapidly growing is popularity. It powers millions of websites on the internet. Well, if you have built your business website using DNN Development, you cannot just avoid SEO. You need to optimize your website in order to improve its visibility and your presence noticed in the web. Well, but it’s highly essential that you bear in mind some of the Do’s and Don’ts so that you put the right foot ahead at the very beginning.

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of a DNN website SEO

To begin with SEO or Search Engine Optimization will help you tweak some elements of your website to make your site more search friendly and customers will be able to locate your website using the most common search engines. There are several techniques you can use, but here is a list of the most common do’s and don’ts.

DO – Use a DNN Skin that is designed with current web practices and standards in mind. Ensure that it denotes that it is HTML5 or XHTML and has a validated code. Check out the layout elements. Make sure that the skin is not using tables for layout.

DON’T – Use text that is important for your website in an image. Your key text should always be displayed as text. Search engines cannot read what’s inside an image. At the most you can use an ALT tag for the image. So make sure that you do not use your most important or key text in an image. DNN offers you features to create descriptions for your images so, make sure you add enough information there.

DO – make sure that you make use of the SEO features provided by DNN to add Page wise Titles, Descriptions and Keywords. These are included as the meta and  provide good information about your page to the search engines. You can use your most important keywords there and can make sure that your site has separate keywords and content targeted to each page. Descriptions show up in the search results. So make sure that these are relevant to each page and link. A visitor will quickly scan through the description and then decide whether to click on your link.

DON’T – include any kind of misleading information or don’t ever duplicate content on your pages. Most importantly, never ever rip content from another website and post it as yours. You will never rank in search engines, moreover, there’s a penalty too!

Lastly, make sure that your site is updated with the latest version of DNN, also make sure that you have the appropriate DNN modules installed and those are updated to the latest version too. These were just a few quick reminders and refreshers for SEO do’s and don’ts.


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