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DNN Modules – All you need to know
12 November 2014

DNN Modules – All you need to know


Those new to DNN Web Development and DNN Customization, this blog post will help you understand what you are getting into. Those who already know what DNN (DotNetNuke) is all about, this could be a refresher. Well, the DNN web framework is extensible and it’s functionalities can be extended with the help of modules. DNN’s basic structure is modular so you can add and remove functionalities on the go by addition and removal of modules.

A module is basically a set of reusable code that can be installed to DNN. These modules can be dragged and drops onto the DNN web page as required. Multiple instances of the same module can be used on a single webpage. These modules can also be shared across web pages, modules can also be shared across multiple sites.

So where do I get all these modules?

As per your business requirements, you can either use third party DNN modules or avail DNN modules development services (which are pretty easy to find these days). These are the two plain options.

Third party modules

These are modules that do not come out of the box with DNN installation. If your business requirements are such that your business portal requires some very specific functionality, it’s best that you install external modules. It makes things so simple. One of the best places to look for DNN modules is Dnnextensions.com. Some of the modules here are free, while some can be purchased at very affordable costs.

DNN Custom Development

You can opt for DNN custom development or DNN Extensions development too. If your website requires some business specific functionalities that aren’t available as ready to install and use modules, you can go for custom DNN modules development. As we know that DNN is an open source web development platform, you can easily hire DNN developers for doing this for you!

DNN Modules Permissions

DNN has a security model of it’s own. You can set the permissions for individual modules separately, so that the security is tight enough and no one can mess with your portal. DNN has extremely granular permissions capabilities. Only site admins can modify them. These can be set at the page level, module level or folder level. You can change the settings of your modules easily from the console. You can also view all the extensions that you have installed to your DNN software from HOST -> extensions.

Other than this, DNN is full of built in rich features that enable large and small businesses to modify it as per their specific requirements. Built on ASP.NET web framework, DNN is today’s most robust and popular platform for web development. Many businesses are turning towards this platform for creating web portals for specific purposes. 


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