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Work Smart With DNN Task Management Module
13 November 2014

Work Smart With DNN Task Management Module


Working smart is not about tricks – it’s about better organization of your daily work. It saves you not only time but also keeps you calm and helps your relieve stress. Working smart is about task management, time management and self discipline. Don’t let your work drag you down! Task management could be as simple as a software or if you are using DNN for your web requirements, DNN Task Management Module could be your answer.

The DNN Task Management Module

The DNN Task Management Module enables you to simplify the management of projects, Assign Tasks and Sub Tasks and efficiently complete a project. With this module, you can create a project, edit the details in a project, Edit or create new tasks or create and edit sub tasks. It also has features for searching particular projects or tasks. You can even configure your emails via the SMTP configuration of the portal. The email workflow enables users to complete the tasks after project completion.

Better Management Of All Projects

With task management tools, you can get all the necessary features to run a project to success. You can assign team members with tasks that need to be performed. Dividing the project into smaller parts makes it easy to handle the project than trying to do it all at once. You can also set up notifications and prioritize the tasks you need completed first. You can even send out emails by configuring SMTP and enable collaboration between the team members.

 Benefits of task management tools

  1. You can get an instant list of all the tasks and their status anytime.
  2. Increases efficiency of working and enables better management of deadlines.
  3. Helps maintain work balance amongst the team members.
  4. You can forecast any bottlenecks in the project before hand.
  5. Improve the productivity of all the team members.
  6. Automation of many tasks will help you track progress of your project efficiently.
  7. Reduce the overall time of the project.
  8. Boost the effectiveness of your management.

Working haphazardly and tripping over unexpected obstacles will only slow down your project delivery and quality of work. Selecting the right kind of task management or project management tool will enable you to work with a discipline and in turn improve the overall customer satisfaction.

Being organized or staying organized is about working with less chaos and delivery quality output. It also reduces the stress that the team members go through if the work is unorganized. So, organize your work and stay at the top of things always. Get notified and take action immediately with a little module extension to your DNN website.

Check out our DNN Task Management Module here. http://dnnextension.com/Modules/Task-Management.


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