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03 July 2014

Key Features Of DNN That Will Benefit Your Business

DNN or DotNetNuke is a rapidly growing content management system and probably one of the largest open source systems that is Microsoft based. It has been around for quite some time now and powers almost 70000 websites over the internet. It has been standing tall due to the rich features it offers its users.

* Great tools: It provides an array of tools for dotNetNuke developers and designers to help them build lively and extremely cost effective sites that will also save development time.

* Easy Content Management: Website administrators need not get into the nitty-gritty’s of coding to update the content on the website. The really cool feature of dotnetnuke is that admins can also change the look of the website without getting into the linguistics of the code.

* Fully Customizable: DNN is module based and modules are fully customizable. There are plenty of dnn technology expertise services companies that offer unique modules that provide innovative features for the website. These include fully customizable skins, modules, data providers, language packs and templates.

* Great Skins: DNN Skins are small packets of code that define what the website will look like. The good part is, there are ready to use skins available on the net. If you require a customized one for your website to look unique, you can always avail dnn development services so that the skins can be evenly applied across your website and you get something unique!

* DNN Modules: Modules are those that will provide functionality to the website. These modules are fully customizable. These can either be complex codes or simple HTML files that can be used to customize your website and add specific functionalities.

* Multi Language: Dotnetnuke also provides users with features for multi language localization. This is especially useful for global businesses catering to the needs of a global clientele – it translates the language to any other language as specified making it easy for businesses with a global presence.

* Option to show selected content: It also has a feature for allowing content to be hidden. For example a website can show some content to registered users and hide it from users who have not registered.

Well, other than this, dotnetnuke seems to have a great future too! Since 2002, there are so many web software, web development platforms and web solutions that have come and gone, DNN seems to stand the test of time. Not only stand DNN keeps on improving in its offerings and it’s gaining a lot of ground in the web world today.

DNN has grown, expanded and today has been able to fight the fierce competition and emerged as a true winner. Robust, feature rich and backed by the technology giant – DNN is definitely a fine choice when you decide to build great websites! 


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