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Brand Advocacy with DNN
25 November 2014

Brand Advocacy with DNN


It’s true that friend and family recommendations can influence a buyer’s decision much more than what a brand advertisement can. Opportunities are ample as social media sites offer businesses with a great way to connect with millions of customers and interact and engage with them. Businesses are constantly making use of social media to interact with customers, to understand what they are talking about, resolve queries if any, receive feedback about their products or services and use all this data to provide a great user experience and improve the quality of their products and services offerings. Cumulative efforts of all of these help build a strong brand.

What Is Brand Advocacy?

Social communities that businesses build help strengthen the brand value. Getting social helps businesses deepen customer relationships and attract new customers as well as improve services. Constant communication creates loyal customers and these loyal customers won’t think twice before recommending your products and offerings to their friends and families on social media. Your loyal customers become your strongest brand supporters (Or Brand Advocates). It is observed that while making a purchase decision, around 81% of the customers would visit the company website and more than 20% would check out the social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter.

DNN and Brand Advocacy

DNN offers businesses with great features to include social features to increase customer engagement with their website and build brand advocates. DNN Evoq Social is DNN’s social suite that offers businesses with ample features for customer interactions.

This gives businesses the advantage of combining a social strategy with their CMS solution. With DNN you will not be required to maintain two separate customer bases on diverse platforms. You get all the features included in one package.

DNN Features For Brand Advocacy using social communities

DNN offers the broadest set of social functionalities for businesses to leverage from. Customers get a single seamless experience throughout your website and social platforms. This helps them better connect with your business. These are business drivers that foster growth and improve customer satisfaction and the overall brand presence.

Social Features that DNN Offers Are:


Gamification encourages customer interaction with your website in a fun way. This can transform a repetitive task into fun and customers will enjoy the experience on your website. Rewarding customers can help increase their interest in your products and build greater interactions, eventually turning into long lasting relationships that build brand advocates.


Crowdsourcing of ideation enables rapid innovation. Including customer ideas into your business will enable businesses to build their products and improve them as per customer expectations. Collaborative products built with customer’s ideas work better than trying to sell something that they do not accept.


Q&A features open up forums of discussion that enable businesses to interact with customers and customers to interact with each other. This is a form of crowd sourced knowledge management and definitely helps build loyal customers.


Analytics provides you with accurate data for customer information and the amount of their interactions. These can be helpful for marketing, support and business growth plans.

Other than these, Blogs, discussions, Badges, Status, Bookmarking, search, Content Flagging, Comments support, Polling, rewarding loyal customers and many such other features help businesses to build stronger customer relationships. Such relationships help build brand advocates. These brand advocates sell better than your best sales personnel!


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