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Pros and Cons of using CSS Framework in DNN
17 October 2014

Pros and Cons of using CSS Framework in DNN


A framework provides a common structure for developers to use and reuse as and when necessary. Most frameworks help cut a lot of work and save a lot of time. CSS frameworks enable designers to create more web design standards compliant code using CSS style sheets. Some examples are Bootstrap and Foundation.

So, is it recommended to use a framework for CSS is DNN Development? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using a CSS framework in DNN:


Modern web trends show that compliance to standards is easier with frameworks.

Frameworks save a considerable amount of skinning time

CSS Frameworks allows designers to accomplish more with very little work. The code can be reused. It not only helps in the positioning but also helps in content styling and layout of the skin as well. Frameworks can definitely save a lot of time and help in reducing the amount of efforts put in. Reusing the code as and when required helps saves developers from redoing a lot of work.

Cross Browsers

You will not run into cross browser issues. CSS frameworks have these features built in. All the hours spent in debugging can now be eliminated and you get a cross browser compatible website design.


Newbies and Frameworks

To begin with, Frameworks are not for newbies. Unless you have a strong foundation in writing CSS on your own, using a framework is not recommended. It makes you less efficient and debugging of simple scripts will be very difficult later on.

Slows down your learning curve

Most CSS Frameworks provide files to reset the browser’s default CSS rules. You need to define your own values for both typography and layout that will provide a consistent presentation for your website. For this purpose, you will require good knowledge and skills for CSS in order to accomplish it.

Sematic Markup Writing

Because you keep reusing the selectors, with the naming conventions selected by the author, it might not make much sense. It’s difficult to write meaningful naming conventions for selectors as you will be following the one’s that are set forth by the author.

Steep learning

Learning the markup could be easier than learning how each one of the frameworks works. You might just end up spending more time learning the patterns that the authors of the framework created. You might not proactively write your own mark up. It greatly limits the ability to think out of the box and write better code for DNN skins.

Overall, if you already have a certain comfort level in writing your own markup, and you wish to go in for rapid DNN Development and Skin Designing, a CSS framework could be your best bet to get things done fast. But if you are kind of a newbie and do not have too much experience with markups, it’s best to do it yourself first and then pick the right framework for your skinning projects.


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