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What Is New In The Latest Version Of DNN
01 December 2014

What Is New In The Latest Version Of DNN


DNN or DotNetNuke Community Edition as it was formerly known, is an open source extensible and scalable content Management Systems that is based on the .Net Framework. DNN powers hundreds and thousands of websites all over the world – from small and medium enterprises to Global 1000 companies. DNN offers businesses with an appropriate website authoring environment. Over the past decade, DNN has created a space for itself and has proven itself as a robust and highly trustworthy platform for building business websites.

DNN Is Open Source

DNN offers an open source platform with enough flexibility for DNN Development experts to access the source code and build upon it to create excellent web solutions for businesses.


The DNN Platform was built to be extensible. You can add and remove modules on the go and customize the functionalities as per your business requirements. You can get DNN Modules development services to add new features on the go. There are third party DNN modules and DNN Extensions available for ready download and use. These can be purchased off the shelf and used immediately.


Those businesses and enterprises that are worried about security for their web platform, DNN offers you a highly secure and robust platform for building your business upon. The platform is stringently evaluated and tested for security flaws as well as audits by experts, customers and partners.


Scalability has become a very important factor for businesses who are looking for web solutions – long term. With time, businesses grow and expect their underlying platform to support such growth without having to re-do everything. DNN is a highly scalable platform and businesses can rely on this platform and it’s highly skilled support community to develop this platform and keep it up to date with the changing trends in the web development world.

DNN is a highly versatile platform and the DNN corp has built commercial solutions for businesses called DNN Evoq that enables businesses to build their own content management systems, Online community solutions and Social Media solutions.

Other special features that are included are built around Customer engagement, Marketing and ecommerce, Customer Support, Product innovation, Employee Intranets and Member engagement.

Over all, DNN is the next upcoming open source web platform that businesses are looking at and rapidly adopting. It’s Microsoft foundation gives it an extra sense of trust and builds confidence in the minds of customers and businesses. Knowing that there is a strong support community for any kind of development needs builds a sense of confidence in the minds of customers.

Are you looking for business oriented web solutions that are robust, scalable and reliable? Know more about our DNN Development services here. You can also check out our ready DNN Extensions here.



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