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DNN Content Management Systems Vs Other Popular CMS
02 December 2014

DNN Content Management Systems Vs Other Popular CMS

DotNetNuke (Now referred to as DNN Evoq) is today’s leading content management systems and offers customers with a feature rich platform to build business websites for small or large businesses and enterprises. DNN has consistently proved itself as a high performer and takes the top place in today’s web world that has high demands from business web solutions.

The other players in the Content Management Systems area are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. DNN continues to get better every year and there are plenty of skins and modules that contribute towards making this CMS such a success in such a short time.

DNN as compared to other CMS’s has easy to used administration tools and allow users to easily modify things as per their business requirements. DNN has excellent security features and access to specific modules and folders can be allowed or disallowed as per requirement. The administration tools can fully integrate into the website and you do not have to go to a separate place to make any changes to the website.

DNN Vs WordPress

When compared to the world’s most powerful content management system – WordPress, DNN is not far behind. It stands equally tall and offers flexible functionalities. As far as speed is concerned, both WordPress and DNN prove to be high performers. WordPress is used for blogging and DNN is built to create websites. WordPress has website plugins and extensions. Where design is concerned, WordPress Themes and Templates are available off the shelf and DNN skins and modules can be downloaded and installed on the go too. DNN is based on .NET and WordPress is based on PHP.

DNN customization and DNN Web Development services are more popular for building sites with great functionalities.

DNN Vs Joomla

The decision gets tough here. Joomla was steadily rising to popularity and it’s spread in the ecommerce area was notable. But to be honest, Magento completely stole the show. Ecommerce is almost equated to Magento. Joomla’s inability to work well with Windows made it a second priority. Most of the large enterprises and businesses use Windows platforms for servers and other IT infrastructure. Joomla is completely MySQL and PHP based working extremely well with Linux flavours. DNN steps in as a great open source platform that works on Microsoft’s very own .NET framework. That is why DNN stands as a winner in this comparison.

DNN Vs Drupal

While looking at DNN and Drupal, it is observed that DNN works well with Microsoft’s internet explorer. Drupal is more inclined to Firefox. Drupal is used for personal blogs and mainly government websites and applications that are very similar to WordPress. It is also written in PHP and uses MySQL for database needs.

Although different businesses have different web requirements, DNN Web Development and Customization could be a good choice if you are looking for scalable, reliable and flexible solutions that enjoy the robust Microsoft foundation and ease to integrate with the IT environment your business uses.


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