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Undeniable reasons to upgrade to the latest version of DNN – DNN Evoq 7
02 October 2014

Undeniable reasons to upgrade to the latest version of DNN – DNN Evoq 7


DNN Evoq 7 is here and the DNN development community is already excited about what changes will it bring in terms of adding features for website development. Here, lets check out a few reasons why businesses should make a jump.

Advanced URL Management

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address to each page of your website. They should be able to drive content to the right place on your website. There are a number of tweaks you need to do so that the URLs are appropriately managed for your website. DNN Evoq 7 has an advanced URL management system that enables you to easily and automatically set up 301 redirects, which definitely helps when your content is moved and you would like to keep your ranking. It also has features for custom 404 and 500 error pages so that visitors are well informed. You also get URL testing so that you are sure that everything works as expected before you go live.

User Interface is Highly Evolved

DNN Evoq 7 provides a new user interface that is more intuitive and easier to navigate. It’s got a sleek look and helps create a powerful front end for your business website. The new version puts more power in on each page and makes the modification of files and modules easier. These aspects are not just crucial for customers, but also for business management.

Integrated APIs

It includes a new web service framework that is based on Microsoft Web API which will help you manage all your data security. Well it also includes the ability to use the services layer to hydrate or fill content. Further streamlining of other integrations with systems is made easy. The increased authentication and authorization DNN has implemented throughout the application maintains the highest level of data integrity.

Solution Capabilities

Businesses from diverse sectors require different environments. DNN Evoq 7 can adapt to such environments and create great web solutions with great features for your business.

DNN Evoq 7 works with DNn social, and integrated well with other DNN environments. This new version of DNN can also be hosted locally on a web server, or alternatively, you can use it with cloud services too.

DNN Evoq 7 is brand new with promising features for DNN development and provides businesses with new opportunities for creating web sites that can better serve their customers and bring in profits sooner. With the compatibility with various DNN environments, we can be rest assured that our current scenario will not be affected. You can jump to the upgrade by availing DNN consulting services from a reputed DNN development company. Get your version upgraded today



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