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Understanding The DNN Architecture- An Overview
25 September 2014

Understanding The DNN Architecture- An Overview


DNN development is already very popular and DNN architecture is one of the main reason for it’s success. It offers clear separation layers and helps create robust, yet flexible web solutions.

Here is a technical overview of the DNN architecture.

Basic Architecture for DNN platform

The basic web application framework holds the websites that you create. You can either create a single website, or multiple sites. Each website consists of multiple pages. These pages contain mini applications called modules. Modules provide your website with the basic functionality. These modules can be used on multiple pages of the same or different sites.

DNN platform generally runs on the Microsoft stack. You can either run it on a stand alone installation or run it on the cloud with MS Azure.

DNN EVOQ Solutions

On top of the DNN platform are built various DNN solutions. These solutions such as CMS, DNN social as well as DNN platform are built for extensibility. They are basically suites of modules, skins and custom configurations. These solutions make DNN implementation easy for businesses and include all the necessary features as well as elements like security, file management, and content editing APIs.

Web Application Framework

The web application framework layer is highly extensible. Custom modules can be built on top of it. The Web Application Framework forms a solid foundation for all the websites or web applications that you build. It can also be easily integrated with external modules and other web applications. This is possible due the services framework.

Multiple Sites

DNN allows you to create multiple sites with a single installation. The repository of skins and modules remains the same and the site can maintain independence in terms of content , roles and user permissions.

Design Choices

Creating skins in DNN is made flexible using a powerful skin engine. The skinning engine can enable designers to implement rich graphics with highly creative skins. There are two choices available. HTML or ASCX.

Security model

DNN development is highly secure. The security extends to the module level. This gives site administrators control over who can view and edit the content on the pages. The security management can be simplified with role based grouping. Permissions can be set for specific users with custom control over particular modules or functionality.

Modular Layout for web pages

DNN is built up of several mini web apps called modules. These modules provide the basic functionality to the website. Every page can be assigned a different skin and layout. The skin layout is made up of one or more panes. These panes are the locations on a webpage that hold the modules that add functionality to the DNN site.

DNN as a whole web concept is robust, flexible and highly scalable due to the ability to add modules on the fly. It provides for highly secure and adaptable web developement solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Businesses can be rest assured that their web solution will offer them plenty of options and extensibility for future growth.


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