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Some Interesting DNN Modules To App Functionality To Your Web Portal
23 September 2014

Some Interesting DNN Modules To App Functionality To Your Web Portal


DNN development is used to build dynamic websites and web applications. It is most popularly used for DNN CMS Development. Content management systems are becoming increasingly popular as they reduce the dependence on technology and technical expertise. It includes a lot of built in features and modules that make it a preferred choice for developing websites and content management systems.

There are several types of DNN modules. These modules impart some kind of functionality to your website. Some of the popular DNN modules are blog, chat, contacts, forum, gallery, links, maps etc. Well, there are many third party modules that you can download, install on the fly and add al the desired features to your code DNN installation.

Here are some interesting DNN modules that you could use:

Online Interview

This DNN modules is meant for adding online interview features. You can conduct the entire selection process using this module. You will be able to create new jobs, add job profiles, and also add candidates for the interview process. You can even assign interviews to the interviewer.

 SQL Reports Lite


 With SQL reports lite DNN module, you can enable end users to select the report type. Output can generally be selected from any of the following formats - 1-Bar Chart 2-Grid 3-Column Chart 4-Excel. Users can fetch reports efficiently from other applications and databases on a connected network.

Task Management

This is one of the most useful tools that enables you to manage Projects. It can also help you manage sub tasks and edit them as and when required. This tool also has a feature that allows users to send emails via SMTP configuration of the portal.

 New Links


This module is used for displaying one or more links on the DNN website – linking can be to external websites as well as internal pages.

 Business Card


Colourful business cards can be easily created and sent via email with this module. Business cards can be created without too much effort and technical know how. It’s user friendly and quick!

Performance Rating

This is an employee rating tool. The performance rating of employees in an organization can be effectively done using this DNN module. Other factors of employee performance and ratings can also be easily managed with this simple tool.

Online Test

With this DNN module, online tests can be easily created, set up and scored too. The module also has a feature for selecting the test type and is targeted to satisfy the needs of the interview process. The test has multiple choices and user can select the right answer and move to the next question in order to complete the test.

Well, DNN modules development is a very creative field. You can imagine a functionality or a feature that you require for your portal and modules can be created an installed on the fly. These were just a few features discussed, apart from these, there are several modules available with DNN as well as third party DNN module developers. You can easily find one best suited for your website or portal.


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