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DNN CMS Development – 5 Common Questions
22 September 2014

DNN CMS Development – 5 Common Questions


DNN offers businesses with a lot of options to tweak it to suit their requirements. Businesses see great benefits in the customization that can be done in order to tailor it to fit their business and customer demands. DNN is a flexible open source system that can be used for various purposes like DNN CMS development, Social community creation, Mobile Strategies and lots more.


DNN has a unique advantage of being Microsoft based yet open source. Still, there are a lot of questions that businesses have in mind when deciding to use DNN as a web platform for their web needs. Here are the top questions:




Can the CMS be further personalized?


Website visitors today expect websites to be more than just information sources. They need to be user friendly and serve as an answer to their queries. So, developing Content management systems as per customer behavior and trends is what will work. Personalization, hence is an important factor to consider when you are developing a CMS based DNN website. DNN can definitely be personalized and customized, hence improving your conversions and hence profits.




Can SEO be made any easier with CMS Customization


CMS customization to assist SEO efforts? Well, DNN in it’s core itself, comes as an SEO friendly package. There are many settings that you can change or add. Like Meta Tags, URLs Keywords etc. Especially the URL’s. SEOs and marketers want to have some control over the structure of the URLs of their pages. CMS should have powerful SEO features too, in order to make them more and more technology independent. Marketers should be able to set the required fields without the help of a developer. DNN has all the requisite features and businesses can even get custom DNN extensions for the same.


Mobile Readiness


DNN websites can be very easily made mobile ready. Responsive skinning and designs can be applied with great ease. The requirement to be ready for a mobile strategy in order to progress with times is a good idea for all businesses and DNN has a lot of responsive features and skinning techniques that you can take advantage of for building responsive sites.


Social Sharing Options


A CMS should make it easy for you to add social sharing and other social elements to your website. The importance of social media as a part of business marketing strategy cannot be emphasized upon. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, all need to be considered for social marketing of your website. DNn definitely offers great features for social sharing. Going a step further DNN social offers a great platform for building social communities too!


Capabilities that support Analytics


What good is any website, if you cannot measure the performance of your business, or measure what value it serves for your business. Ability to measure the success of marketing campaigns etc along with third party tools such as Google Analytics should be a feature.


DNN websites do offer you with all the features and basics that you require to build your business websites.



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