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DNN Is Flexible, Scalable and Offers Distinct Features For Businesses, Developers and Designers
19 September 2014

DNN Is Flexible, Scalable and Offers Distinct Features For Businesses, Developers and Designers


DotNetNuke or DNN as we know it is a popular web development platform built on Microsoft technologies and yet open source. It is used for building websites ranging from simple to large enterprise and ecommerce websites. It is flexible and scalable and adds to business value of an organization. Well, there are millions and millions of websites that are powered by DotNetNuke today. There are some obvious reasons that DNN enjoys the popularity today.

It has lots to offer in terms of feature and functionality and convenience for Businesses, Developers and Designers.

DNN For Businesses

For businesses, DotNetNuke Development could be a great solution. It offers businesses with a cost effective way of implementing their web solutions. It includes no licensing fees and hence businesses can leverage from its low cost solutions. Well, businesses are in a constant need of updating the information on their website. DNN offers a simplified content management system to do so. There is no technical expertise required to make changes to any of the content on the website. Businesses need not depend on external resources for technology. They can easily make changes and update content on the go. It is a very popular technology of today and you can easily find resources to develop DNN extensions, modules and skins as per you requirements anytime.

 DNN For Developers

DNN developers gain the advantage of rapid development of websites and web solutions due to the rich features offered by DNN. It has built in features that can be used to create your core system. DNN customization allows developers to create custom solutions for businesses as per their industry specifications. Other than this, there are very many DNN extensions that can be downloaded and added to your website on the Go. DNN offers that much flexibility and scalability to add features as and when required.

DNN For Designers

DNN has a standard format in order to manage the “look” of the website. This is called the skin. It creates a clear separation of the design elements and the content of the website even the code. By assigning a new skin, you can completely change the look of the website within a few clicks. HTML and CSS integration along with the PSD integration can be done easily without disturbing the other elements of the website. If you are a designer, you can concentrate on your design without getting interrupted by other elements and knowing that altering anything will not change the functionality of the website.

DNN offers businesses with a lot of advantages and provides you with distinct elements for design, development and content management. You can then modify one, without affecting the other. DNN is flexible, scalable and highly secure to suit your business requirements. The good part is that you can enjoy the support it gets from the world’s largest software company – Microsoft. The advantages of being open source, yet being based on proprietary technologies is what makes DNN today’s most sought after web development platform to base business solutions on.


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