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DNN features that every module should have
18 September 2014

DNN features that every module should have


Along with the core features, DNN has a myriad of extensions and third party extensions that can add functionality to your website. Selecting DNN modules for your website could be a tricky thing. Make sure you select the right features. Here are a few must have features for your DNN modules.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your website is the face of your business online. It should be always accessible via search on the internet. DNN modules development should be built with all the search factors in mind. Overlooking SEO would make your site undiscoverable. Here are a few points to consider.

  1. Duplicate Content – Modules should be built in such a way that duplication of content should not happen. You should include features for Meta tags inclusion such as Titles, Descriptions keywords etc.
  2. SEO friendly URLs – The modules should include SEO friendly URLs function. It should integrate well with the features for DNN to create URLS that are SEO friendly.
  3. AJAX  - Make sure that AJAX is not used as a primary driver for content. If it is not implemented correctly, it results in content that is not appropriately indexed.

 Performance is crucial

More than 7 seconds delay in page load will distract a visitor from your website. Make sure that the DNN module you select is optimized for performance. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Caching – To avoid the frequent trips back and forth from the database to the web server, implement caching solutions for your website. This will improve performance.
  2. Resources management – Combining java script and CSS into composite files ensures lesser time to load. DNN modules should implement the client resource management framework.
  3. jQuery – Ensure that the module integrates with DNN API to request jQuery or jQuery UI framework rather than injecting it’s own scripts.

 User Experience is the key

Apart from meeting all your business needs, your web solution should also fulfill your customer requirements. It should create a great user experience so that users remain loyal customers.

  1. Intuitive – User interface should be intuitive and easy to follow. It should be easy enough for a user to navigate and understand the next steps on your site.
  2. Documentation – modules developed should have easy to understand documentation. Videos and screenshot would make the module easy to follow. A user should not be left wondering what next.
  3. Support – Any software or any solution is as good as it’s support. After you download a module, make sure that the support is efficient too. Pre- sales is a good idea, but post sales support is what will maintain your customer loyalty and retention.

To sum it up, DNN modules development with the right features could take your business towards growth and success.


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