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DNN Features For Gamification To Increase Online Community Engagement
16 September 2014

DNN Features For Gamification To Increase Online Community Engagement


DNN Evoq Social Community Software enables businesses to build excellent social networking portals for their business requirements. It’s a known fact that to achieve community success, engagement is an essential factor. The more people interact with your business and among themselves via your business, the better relationship they build with your brand. DNN development for Evoq provides you with a great tool to ensure that your business gets the right social community engagement – an interesting one too! It’s called Gamification.

To keep the online community interested, fun games and rewards for winning is the key. The community benefits from the interactions and community interactions are beneficial for your business. It’s a way in which you can acquire new customers and even better retain the existing customers. It  is also known to increase your page views and the amount f time a customer stays on your website. It also helps you gain product reviews and ratings.

Gamification makes crowdsourcing initiatives more productive. It encourages people to share ideas and add value to the project. Constant engagement with a brand improves brand loyalty and moreover increases recommendations. This in turn helps acquire new customers.

DNN Evoq Social is loaded with features for gamification. Businesses can take advantage of this to build upon their current expansion strategy and grow:


This is a way in which the community users can display their status and scores in comparison to other members.


Displaying badges on your social profile encourages new members to participate and join. DNN Evoq Social has a set of default badges provided. It also provides facility for users to create new badges.

Reputation points

The credibility of a member can be displayed using reputation points and other members will automatically know whom to trust.

Real time interactions

Real time interactions are a very strong feature. It keeps members engaged and motivated to participate. It hence improves the overall popularity of your business.

Engagement analytics

Analysis is very important. After all the efforts you have placed in creating a community and keeping engagements high, it’s highly essential that you look at your analytics and make sure that you know where you are headed.

Gamification management

DNN provides a dashboard where you can effectively manage all the games, rewards, priviledges etc that you have assigned to different members of the online community that you have created for your website.

DNN has a great set of features. It’s upto businesses to leverage from these and use their potential for the betterment of their business, customer retention and business growth. Building communities and maintaining constant engagement will definitely help you with your business goals. Customers feel more valued and you enjoy their loyalty in turn.


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