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17 June 2014

Launch Your DNN Microsoft Azure Website In Simple Steps

STEP 1 : Going from default DNN install to your own content

When you install DNN you will get default template on the default installed site which will be uploaded in a matter of time.

STEP 2 : Delete all the standard content

Whenever you do a new install demo site pages are created. Make sure you delete all the demo site pages first. The easy way to do that is to go into the Admin->Page Management screen and use the right click, delete method to delete the pages. Then leave the home page, search results and user profile page. As home page contains lot of existing content put the home page into edit mode using the edit page drop down and then delete all the existing modules until you have an empty page.

After deleting all the pages, make sure to leave the home page, user profile, search results and 404 page. Next step is to upload the logo for the site. To upload your logo go to Admin->Site Settings page-> find the ‘Appearance’ section->just drag/drop your logo file into the area where it says “Drop Files Here”. You can also create a favicon file  by using an online favicon converter – and then drag/dropped the resulting .icon file into the ‘favicon.ico’ setting. When this is done click on Update to update the new settings.

STEP 3 : Change the site theme and design with a new skin

Its up to you either you can use the existing skin or build a new skin. There is large range of skins available at the DNN store from where you can pick one that is suitable to your business. Once you finalize the skin and had it installed just go to Admin->Extensions page and upload it. This installs the skin but does not applies it.

There are basically two level to apply a skin. The beginners believe that they can apply a new skin to the entire site but in reality each page in DNN can have a skin associated with it. Also, you can set a skin as a default for all new pages in a site and to apply the new skin to the one page site follow the below steps.

 Set the skin as default in the Admin->Skins section

Select the Skin in the ‘Skins’ drop down. While it says ‘Skin’ what it means is ‘Skin Package’ because each Skin package have one or more options for applying a Skin to a page. Sometimes its for different layouts or different colored themes with the same layout.  Selecting the skin package will load a set of preview images for each skin type available. You can apply the ‘home’ skin to the site as the default skin.  This can be achieved by clicking ‘Apply’ under the specific Skin from the Skin Package.

Set the home page to use the new skin

Because the default DNN install template creates a site with a specific home page Skin it will still show the ‘Gravity’ Skin for the home page when you browse the site.  To use a new Skin you’ve installed, then go to the ‘Edit Page’ dropdown select the ‘Page Settings’ option which brings up a pop-up> Go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab then scroll down until you find the Page Skin dropdown just select the Skin you want> click on ‘Update’ and when the page refreshes you have applied your new skin.

STEP 4 : Remove all the default theme images

When you site gets created a set of standard images gets added to the image folder. You can remove all from  Admin->File Manager, and start deleting.

STEP 5 : Point your domain names at the azure websites

What you’re going to do is point a CNAME DNS record to the existing URL you have already created for your website. First go to the domain name registrar > update the DNS hosting so that you create a CNAME record for each domain you want to associate with the Azure website installation. It’s as easy as adding in the azure websites address as a CNAME and specifying the domain as a value. After that you can do a ping check to make sure its configured correctly.

Step 6: Hook up your Domain Names to your Azure websites DNN install

The first thing you must do to use Azure Websites with a proper domain name is to convert it from ‘Free’ mode to either Shared or Standard mode. You can easily move between the modes as you need. If you haven’t launched your site yet you should just switch it to shared mode and worry about the best mode to use when you get the traffic. Also, you can’t manage domain in shared mode.

STEP 7 : Add your domain name

Click on the ‘Configure’ top-level menu option and scroll down the page.  Past the general options until you see ‘domain names’> click on ‘manage domains’ and then just enter the domain name you are going to use. Configure your DNN install and start adding your content. Your site is launched now.

Follow these simple steps and launch your site in few seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your DNN Web Development project….!


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