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The History and Future Of DotNetNuke
11 September 2014

The History and Future Of DotNetNuke


DNN is quite popular today. But will it be so in future too? Can businesses rely on this web platform for long term stability and growth? It is important to understand where DNN came from and also understand where it is headed. Businesses can then prudently take a decision about the web platform they wish to use for their requirements.

Where did DNN come from?

DotNetNuke Development evolved out of another project. This project was called IBuySpy Workshop. This IBS (IBuySpy) was a starter kit that is basically sample applications and provide users with the full source code so that they can be implemented easily. The source code is made available so that the implementers can easily implement the code by making necessary adjustments as per requirements. The basic purpose of this project was to demonstrate how ASP.NET was a dynamic programming language and could be a very promising data driven portal application. After a lot of work on the source code, and creating a loyal development community, the package was renamed as DotNetNuke. From then, until today, DNN has evolved and today is a very popular, robust open source content management system. It hosts millions of websites on the internet and provides businesses with the robust background of Microsoft development and the flexibility and scalability of open source solutions. DotnetNuke Development today has reached new heights.

What does the future hold for DNN Development?

One cannot help but wonder – technologies change so frequently, and even before you see one get stable, there’s a new version which is better and very appealing. Old technologies are completely wiped away or used less and less each day. Well, what does the future hold for DNN? Will it stand the test of time OR will it fade away like many others have? The answer to this question is not as simple. May promising technologies have seen good and bad times. How many mainframes do we see today? Well, that’s another story that technology always changes for the better and never for the worse. DNN does enjoy the support and a very strong backing of the world’s largest technology giant Microsoft. Well, this makes it a little more stable than other open source software. Also, DNN has a proven history of stability. It can stand against all the competition. DNN does have a strong community of developers who strive to make it a solid, dynamic solution that businesses of today prefer. Anything that does not come with the package can be customized using DNN modules development and it can even integrate third party extensions. What else could a business expect from its web solution!

Well, technologies come and go. But the only technologies that stand the test of time are those that provide enough flexibility and scalability to build in compatibility with newer trends. DNN definitely is here to stay and this is evident with its widespread implementations seen within a very short period of time


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