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DNN Evoq In the Cloud
09 September 2014

DNN Evoq In the Cloud


DNN Evoq offers great opportunities for DNN development with the ability to host and run content management systems as well as online community solutions on the cloud. With high performance, scalability and reliability offered by the redundancy of the cloud platform, DNN solutions are becoming more and more powerful these days.

The cloud solutions are powered by Windows Azure. There are some distinct advantages of using DNN Evoq on the cloud for the business user as well as for the admin.

Useful For..

It greatly simplifies the installation and is fairly easy when it comes to administration and maintenance. Scalability and redundancy is built in, giving you a highly robust system to work with. All you need to do as a business is to activate additional data centers as your business grows. Expanding into new geographic regions is made easy too. The administration is simple too. DNN provides you with an easy to use web based interface. You can easily manage the content on your website as well as the online community activities. Other administrative tasks such as CMS backups and software version upgrades etc can be easily carried out right from the interface.

Suitable for…

DNN on cloud is suitable for a wide range of businesses and provides users with the ability to carry our day to day tasks of web administration easily.

  1. Businesses who need a single interface to manage your website.
  2. Businesses who need regular backups for all their data.
  3. Businesses who require a hosting environment that is robust, flexible, scalable and reliable.
  4. Easy to perform installation and upgrades along with easy to maintain software.


DNN services on the cloud, powered by Windows Azure provide you with numerous benefits. You can leverage from this robust platform and create a highly scalable web solution customized for your business.

  1. Your website can be set up within a very short period of time.
  2. Your data and content that is stored on the cloud is efficiently backed up and the main advantage of using this system is that you can download your backed up files at any point of time.
  3. It creates a staging environment prior to development, so that you can test it.
  4. You can even automate the updates.
  5. The infrastructure has state of the art security features to ensure that your website data is protected.
  6. They also ensure a 99.9% uptime so that your business is not affected.
  7. Service isolation over virtualized computer as well as network.
  8. Redundancy and services failover are flawless.

Well, DNN solutions for your next web project that includes cloud are highly efficient. You get all the advantages of a robust and reliable Microsoft platform and all the advantages of open source to build your next web solution on


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