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DNN Evoq Social – what and why?
03 September 2014

DNN Evoq Social – what and why?



DNN is a truly versatile platform. It has quite some features to set up any kind of web solutions. DNN Evoq social is one such software. It’s a complete social media package for developing interactive online communities.

Social media has been a crucial driver for success of many businesses of today. The expanse of social media and the power it has over people’s interactions is unbeatable. People who would not care to talk face to face are seen actively participating in social media interactions.

Social media has influenced buyers and sellers too! Buyers too rely on shared experiences of their contacts on social media. Today’s buyers will check out reviews, experiences and feedback shared by someone who has already purchased your product before deciding to make a purchase.

Well, DNN EVOQ social enables businesses to cultivate immersive online communities on your DNN websites. This in turn enables visitors to engage more and stay longer on your website. Long enough to make a purchase!

The result is better sale and profits!

Here are some of the undeniable reasons you should use DNN EVOQ social software

·         Increase sales by increasing the confidence of a buyer via online community interactions, feedback and reviews.

·         Nurture brand advocates over the community which will in turn increase your credibility by word of mouth.

·         Capture useful insights from customers and include in your products to build better products.

·         Build customer relationships by ensuring that customer queries and issues are answers to.

·         Better support for all services and products by quick response times.

Social community Engagement Value

Increasing the engagement in the social community you have built for your business is vital. DNN thankfully offers a lot of features for the same. Here are some of the ways in which you could ensure social engagement for your DNN website.

Question and Answers

Build a community question and answer forum. Users and experts can participate and share experiences and help each other. This will build a better community.


Reward members for their activity and contribution. Introduce innovative competitions and select customers as winners! A great way to draw customers to your website.



Ask for feedback and ideas to improve your product! This is a great way to give customers what they are expecting!

Social Analytics

Powerful analytics and reporting provided by DNN EVOQ Social enables you to analyze your business growth and helps you plan for the future.

Getting the most out of a DNN web portal design can take your business to the next level. Take advantage of the built in features for online community creation for your website


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